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The Bologna factory began manufacture of 49cc lightweights in 1949 with Sachs engines, later using both DEMM and FB-Minarelli 49cc two-strokes. They also built a 147cc Sachs engined motorcycle to extend their range of mopeds, mofas and miniscooters. 

There was a collaboration with the French company Gitane, with machines marketed as the Gitane-Testi, and also with the Swedish Standard concern which marketed rebadged Testi models including the American Weekend Cross.

Testi History

Testi models include:

  • Amico (scooter) 1975
  • Corsa 125
  • Carabo 50
  • Comfort
  • Cricket
  • Champion Lusso 50
  • Champion Veloce 50
  • Easy Rider 125
  • Grand Prix GPLP45S
  • Io 50
  • Jeans P4
  • Militar 50
  • OK-S 50
  • Royal Rally 50
  • Standard Confort 50
  • Telstar 50
  • Testina (scooter) 1961-1965
  • Trail 50
  • Trail King 50
  • Transit 50
  • Trial 50 TDB
  • Week End Cross 50

roni1704 at freenet.de
I bought a Testi Carabo 50 without Papers. Can find anything about this machine (spare parts, successor manufacturer, adress to order papers). Please help.
Helpful whould be any tip how i could get papers or parts for this Type.
Frame nr. should be STI TK 9312 DGM 11992 OM (motor DGM 8474 minarelli P6).
Thanks for helping me out.

  • The following page has limited information. Should you discover more which could help others please share. Documentation. For parts sources, probably an Italian forum would be best - try under Italian Resources.

jockser06 at gmail.com
Testi ??
Can anyone tell me what model this is (looks a bit like the "Baby Sachs" posted) ? Any idea of age ? And rough value ?
Thanks in advance. JR
Jochen Riehn
Kildare, Ireland

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bmelotte at melotte-dist.com
Testi V1
I'm having trouble identifying what year it was made. I'm also looking to find a gas tank for it. I recently brought a property off of an auction and found it in the basement of an old house. It appears to be in fairly decent condition and I would like to try to get it running again.
Barry Melotte

Thank you so much for reaching out. I can get some more pictures once I get back over to the house of the friend who is working on it. As you can see in the picture it is without a gas tank. I'm struggling to find one if you can help. If I can get it running then I will likely be looking for other parts as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sir!

  • The moped could possibly be a Cricket, but it's rather hard to tell from the photos. The Cricket was sold in the USA late 60s early 70s, I believe. Ed.
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handabell at aol.com
Testi Champion 50cc - unsure of year but think 1972
Please could you tell me what a base size for the main jet is on these bikes. We have a customers bike here that wasn't running very well and it turns out there was no main jet in the carb. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
H & A Bell Ltd
Hull, UK

  • The engine appears to be a Minarelli. From the engine number it should be possible to ascertain the model, and an applicable Minarelli manual will give the jet sizes.
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raycraddock at outlook.com
testi ok 1960
Do know any thing about this moped
dougas craddock

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m.thalacker at gmx.de
I do look for a 'Testi Trail King' with 50cc F.B. Minarelli motor, from the mid 60th. for restoration or restored. I live in Germany.
Otto-Michael Thalacker
Hamburg, Germany
per.brandt at btinternet.com
Testi Grand Prix 1969
Hi, I have a 1969 Testi Grand Prix For Sale if anyone is interested in it? It is a very rare recently restored 50cc Sports Moped with the P4 engine. It is currently located in England (UK) and has a UK registration and logbook. I would also like any information on this bike as I cannot find much on the internet about it?? Price guide GBP £2,750 (€3,125 euro) Many thanks in advance! Regards "Per the Swede"
Per Brandt
United Kingdom
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marc.lanneau at gmail.com
Testi militar 1979
Hi, I bought a testi militar from 1979 and I am searching for a manual. Could you please help me? Thank you Very much. Marc
Marc lanneau

deutschklaus at yahoo.de
Testi 50 or 80ccm Copper
Hallo Team,
ich bin in Deutschland zuhause und habe eine Testi Copper. Leider finde ich im Net keine Info für dieses Model. Können Sie mir helfen?

Im voraus bedanke ich mich,

Testi 50 or 80ccm Copper
Hello team,
I am at home in Germany and have a Testi Copper. Unfortunately I can not find any info for this model in the net. Can you help me?
I thank you in advance

Klaus Deutsch
Jockgrim, DE

Unfamiliar with the model. Images may help. Ed.

Sun, 03 Sep 2017
raycraddock at outlook.com
testi ok

I am looking for information about my testi ok moped. It has a petrol tank and head light combined
essex United Kingdom

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    Seems to be a rather rare little beastie. Fitting electrics within the fuel tank does not sound like a wonderful idea, but then, BMW have done so very successfully.

Mon Dec 28 2015

winternal.snow at gmail.com
what is the model and year of this moped?
testi i dont now
anyone know the model and the year of this?

Tue Jul 15 2014
wellcom at telia.com
Testi - Standard AMERICAN Weekend Cross
Hello there!
You are missing Testis MAIN model - The Standard AMERICAN Weekend Cross!
How come??
Watch this:
(Pictures at the bottom)
/ Per Andersson
Helsingborg, Sweden

Sun Apr 13 2014
Ivagiomelo at hotmail.com
pezzi ricambio
testi champion
sto cercando il serbatioio e il paracatene per un testi champion prima serie. Qualcuno mi puo' aiutare? Grazie giordano

Wed Nov 13 2013
italian classic motorcycles
Testi ???
I've bought a 20"-bicycle from Testi, with a little spring-fork, disc-brake in front and a drum-brake behind, steel wheel rims and a rear swinging fork with 2 spring legs - just a little motorbike as a bicycle. Does anybody know something about this bike ? When was it built ? Catalogues ? Please contact me with all your informations.

Sat Apr 20 2013
ricambi trapezio forcella
testi 50 cc champions rr
causa incidente si e' piegato il trapezio della forcella,ho bisogno di pezzi di ricambio,dove li posso ordinare,grazie
martinsicuro (teramo)

Hi I have tried to send my pictures without success to you . Therefore I try this way

My name is Staffan Karlsson and have restored two Testi one grand prix and one Swedish model Standard Telstar same as Testi Telstar they are from 1965 to 1966.

Have a nice day

Staffan in Sweden


Mon Sep 24 2012
restoration TESTI PULL V1K
I would like to inquire about testi pull v1k

Mon Jan 02 2012
moped testi
TESTI 10 Minarelli V1 AKS
Hello I look for information about moped testi 10th + Buy any spare engine parts such as chain set. thank you

Sat Apr 30 2011
militar Desert

Mon Dec 06 2010
moturguy<at>hotmaildot com
Testi Cal Jet moped truck
Testi 3 wheeler
I have, I was told a 1968 Testi Cal Jet Moped truck. I would like to restore it, and I need some motor parts and need to know what size the motor is. Is there any place that I can get any information on this item? Thank you, Curt
Portland, Oregon, USA

Fri Oct 29 2010
testi grand prix 1963
As prevu this joins (contacts) some photos of the motorcycle in the course of restoration


Thu Jul 22 2010
mcfad at cox.net
Testi 1950s B1 three wheeler
Testi B1
Does anyone know anything about the Testi B1 three wheelers as I would like to restore it but want to make sure it a legitimate product from Testi.
Las Vegas NV USA
Thu Jun 17 2010
cod-blood-angel-is<at>yahoodot com
Testi Cricket
I need a Condenser for a 1979 Testi Cricket and i have not been able to find a place or site that sells them can you help me
USA, California

Sat May 22 2010
pierreciantar<at>gmaildot com
Lambrae With Motori Minarelli Engine
Would like to now any info. about this bike please. I do have the logbook and it states that it is a 1975 motorbike with a 100cc engine. It is still very original although I do not have spark yet. The engine is motori marinelli 2 stroke. I still have the original key and it seems that even all wiring has never been touched. I you do have any info. kindly contact me
Also just for your info. this bike is in Malta europe.

Sun Apr 04 2010
bonno5id<ta>hotmaildot com

Testi Comfort
just pulled out my 1977 Testi Comfort from storage that i got when i was 13yrs. old.Want to get it going again.It ran when i put her away.Would like some information on where I begin to get it going.Only thing missing is taillight lense.Any restoration manuals out there? Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Jim

Les Gitane de mon pere. (ISBN-10: 2726886558)
La Gitane Testi Champion Super, née en Italie, fera rêver la jeunesse française des années 1970, grâce à sa ligne racée et à sa conception digne d'une véritable moto. Mais la marque Gitane a une histoire ! Créée en 1928 par Marcel Brunelière, elle va asseoir sa réputation sur une production de cycles de qualité, suivie par un fort développement de l'entreprise avec l'apparition, dans les années 1950, d'une large gamme de cyclomoteurs et motocyclettes. La petite reine se fera remarquer également par ses exploits sportifs. Jacques Anquetil, Lucien Aimar, Lucien Van Impe, Bernard Hinault et Laurent Fignon remporteront dix fois le Tour de France au guidon de vélos Gitane. Championnats du monde, record de vitesse à plus de 200 km/h, rien n'arrête la Gitane. Retrouvez, dans ce livre, une présentation exhaustive des "motorisés", un aperçu de la variété de production de bicyclettes et une évocation des principaux succès sportifs décrochés au guidon de vélos Gitane.

A rather clumsy translation:
The Gitane Testi Super Champion, made in Italy, was the dream of French youth in the 1970s thanks to its racy lines and its design worthy of a genuine motorcycle. But the Gitane marque has a history! Created in 1928 by Marcel Brunelière, it developed a reputation on a production of quality cycles, followed by a strong development of the company with the appearance, in the years 1950, of a broad range of auto-cycles and motor cycles. The small queen will point out herself also by her sporting exploits. Jacques Anquetil, Lucien Aimar, Lucien Van Impe, Bernard Hinault and Laurent Fignon will gain ten times the Tour de France to the handlebar of Gitane bicycles. Championships of the world, record from speed to more than 200 km/h, nothing stops the Gitane. Find, in this book, an exhaustive presentation of "motorized", an outline of the variety of production of bicycles and an evocation of the principal sporting successes achived by Gitane cycles.

Tue Feb 23 2010
chipscomputer at comcast.net
Help with ID of Moped
Testi Grand Prix
I would like any help with information about my Testi moped. My biggest question would be the year of manufacture. I cannot find a build date on the bike.
Florida, USA

Sun Jan 31 2010
k.schroedl at inode.at
italy champion veloce
suche prospekte, bilder,abziehbilder,bezugsquellen von ersatzteilen

Mon Dec 15 2008
urlmatti at alice.it

Testi militar
quello che avete in archivio non e originale

Translation: what you have in store is not original

Sat Nov 22 2008
spreston0130 at yahoodot com
wiring diagram
testi am503
i am needing to rewire my 1980 testi moped. if you have any knowledge on how to get a wiring diagram or what the standard colors would be for this particular bike (red, black, blue wires). thank you

Sun Oct 19 2008
asgroup.testimotor at libero.it
Abbiamo il piacere di informarvi che la testi motor ha riiniziato la attivita' per maggiori info contattateci

Mon Sep 10 2007
john.battershell at googlemail.com
model of testi
Hi if I send you a picture of my bike to identfy will be ok I have just bought it Thanks John

Can anyone identify this bike? It appears to be quite an early girl. Very similar to GPLP45S Grand Prix Testi (Gitan Testi?)

Wed Jun 06 2007
chichi.wat at wanadoo.fr
testi 1970 p6
p6 motori minarelli *testi*3045*
cool tout complet très rare testi 1970 1 ere mains tout refaire à neuf à copie ma fabrication merci cordialement

English Translation:
Cool entirely complete very rare Testi 1970 one owner, entirely restored to new condition.

Mon Jun 11 2007
roberto1975 at libero.it
testi info required
testi io 50
Need to restore in a good condition an old testi io 50, uncrashed with original spare parts I suppose. Need any kind of info
turin, Italy

Sat Apr 21 2007
iscariot at chello.nl
Just a photograph, of the TESTI WEEKEND CROSS.

Testi Weekend Cross 1962

Thu Feb 01 2007
classics at roncobbdot com
Testi Militar
I am looking for a Testi Militar. Must be complete and original. For my own collection. Also looking for British military bikes and vintage bikes any condition.
Bedfordshire. UK.

Mon Jan 15 2007
falelegno at yahoo.it
informazioni e foto
Testi Champion P4Ax
se possibile inviarmi foto ed informazioni per un restauro . Grazie

Sat Oct 28 2006
thijsderks at gmaildot com
Baby Sachs

I have a very old Testi (1952/1953). It's called the "Baby Sachs" I can't find a thing about it. Do you have any information about it?
Thank you,
Thijs Derks

Sat Oct 21 2006
chichi.wat at wanadoo.fr
testi p6 1970 1 ére mains
tresti 3045
excuse moi ,
je cherche achète le support de phare carrée à partir 1969 répondre moi merci les amies
Translation: I wish to purchase the support of headlight square to leave 1969 to answer me thank you.

Thu Oct 12 2006
Axett at swipnet.se
Where to find it
Testi Telstar 65-66
I am looking for a baklight for telstar where can i find one I also looking for other parts i am restauring one and want it to be like new
I hereby send some pictures on my Telstar. What I am searching for is the backlight complete or just the lens.The other thing I am looking for is the speed meter complete with wire and "wheel gear" The last thing is the scew holding the sideplate on the toolbox.It should be with a triangel head.
Best Regard

If there are any numbers on the tail light they would prove helpful, along with the brand - CEV? Also any information you have on the speedometer and drive - Veglia?On tail light lens it stands: Aprilia IGM 2073 LP,on the circular part on the lens it standsAprilia IGM 2860 C2 also 036825.
About the speedmeter I dont know.The diameter should be 52mm for the instument and the "wheelgear" must be rather big to fit.Is it some figures you want me to messure about the mid of the wheel?

Sun Sep 17 2006
lgeorge833 at sbcglobal.net
i need a stator
Testi # am100- -00716

This is a amico foxi.it is in the shop and I am told the stator is bad. I Can turn the motor over and the horn will honk but there is no spark.is this part available or is there another part that will fit ? Or is this just a wast time ? Thanks roy

Calif. U.S.A.

Tue Jun 06 2006
j3surreal at aoldot com
missing gas cap, help
1980 testi cricket
please provide me with any info. about how i can order a gas cap for this model.

Mon May 29 2006
ancolden at zeelandnet.nl
moto minarelli p4
1970 testi cricket
My moto minarelli p4 use,s a lot of gearbox oil and smokes mutch so I have to open the engine and fix the damidge to close the engine I need a explodid view drawing of this type(p4) I do have a drawing of a p6 and it looks similar to me but jou never know,so if anyone will help me send me a e.mail thanks anniway
tholen netherlands

Fri May 26 2006
TestiMotor at libero.it
Information about Testi
all models of Testi
If you want more information about Testi look my website:

Tue Feb 14 2006
bakkerdewit at quicknet.nl
Testi Corsa P6 CR
I've bought a Testi 50cc crossmotorcycle with a p6 engine. Now i'm looking for information about this bike. Who can help me?

Fri Jan 27 2006
r.vandoorn6 at chello.nl
testi weekend cross
zomaar een foto,van de mooiste bromfiets ooit gemaakt.

  • Translation: Just a photograph, of the most beautiful motorbike ever made.

Testi Weekend Cross

Sat Feb 04 2006
chichi.wat at wanadoo.fr
my testi 3045 year 1970
je cherche les pieces de testi 3045 année 1970 , les gardes boues av et ar , le support de phare avec le compteur, etc...ou apple moi merci mes amis

Wed Jan 18 2006
chichi.wat at wanadoo.fr
testi p6 Champion1970
je cherche les pieces de la selle , le pot coude d'échappement rond , les gardes boues ... merci appelmoi mon é-mail chichi.wat at wanadoo.fr

  • Translation: I look for Testi parts: the saddle, the elbow exhaust round (exhaust header?), the front and rear mudguards, the meter support with the headlight... thank-you

Minarelli Farmbike: Frame number is TESTI OO912. Listed under Minarelli

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005

Email: patrick.thieffry at free.fr
message: Francais Recherche Pieces Testi (Coude échappement de Compact system & autres pièces) Merci d'avance TRICAU

Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005

subject: Testi 125
Email: TestiMotor at libero.it
message: The Testi in the picture of 07 february is an Easy Rider model 125.
Sorry for my english but i am italian.

December 29, 2002
I have a Testi moped from 1966 (made in italy). Do you know where I can get parts to this moped? I also want to my a hole moped, if you know a Testi 1966-1969. I searching for wheels to this moped and Cimatti wheels from the years 1965-1970. Please contact me if you have or know someone who can have parts for this moped.
Here is a picture on my Testi 1966:
Cheers! -- //Martin Henriksson -- speedriders at hotmaildot com

December 8, 2002
I have this Testi 125 corsa for sale .The motor is rebuilt but rest of bike is in very good untouched condition.price for this bike is £1800 . i also have parts & other minarelli engined 50s italianbikes at freeukdot com

February 3, 2002
Hi there - this is one of the very few Testi pages I could find! I'm looking for spares or any information particularly a colour photo for a Testi Trial 50cc, made between 1964-1969 pic included. Thanks very much - Adam --  crestwood67 at hotmaildot com

February 2, 2002
I remember seeing Testi motorcycles only once, when a local shop in Long Beach California had them for sale for a very short time in the early 1960's. My friend, Dick Hewitt, who went with me to look at them just for fun (we were Triumph riders at the time) immediately came up with an advertising slogan for them that I never forgot....."Ride the Testi-It's a ball"!!! -- sspika at greeleynetdot com

July 9, 2001
Hi my mate has a 50cc Testi with a KERRY engine. It has a trailer behind the seat and a chain driven rear cog driving the 2 wheels. It looks as if its all made of aluminum? Any one help with an address for a manual?  -- thanks mike -- MikeyandDi at aoldot com

Some years ago in 1975, at age of 16, I was looking for a little motorcycle here in Austria. There were a lot of Puch (of course) Zündapp, Hercules, Ktm, some Kreidler but they all looked like "Mopeds". Then, at hollydays with my parents in Italy I saw al little racebike called TESTI. It looked like a real little motorbike an I loved it at first sight. We had lovely yerars together - and we still have! After 24 years I know her very well, my little Testi with its 50 ccm Minarelli engine ......
-- Ing. H. Wohlkönig -- h.wohlkoenig at baumanagement.at

November 24, 1999
In 1976 I bought a nice little Italian motorbike, a Testi Campion Speciale, with a 50cc Motori Minarelli P6 engine. I still own the Testi - but through the years I lost some of important parts I would need for a total restoration. If anybody knows Testi and maybe has any parts, please e-mail me. -- Ing. H. Wohlkönig -- h.wohlkoenig at baumanagement.at

November 16, 1999
Request any information on:
Motori Minarelli M-50-4 CL 200 (Mopead) "GITONE" on each side of gas tank
Testi Co. * 00664* DGM 11024 OM (on bottom of frame)
Today's replacement cost (if available) or to purchase.
Thanks, Bill Metz E-MAIL

In 1976 I bought al little race bike in Italy, called Testi Super P6 (also: Championveloce). The engine was a Motori Minarelli P6 Compact System an it was a really fast bike. Maybe you are interested in the Page of an old Catalogue showing the different models.

Heinz Wohlkönig
c/o ISW Baumanagement GmbH
Wiener Straße 21
A - 2100 Korneuburg
e-mail : h.wohlkoenig at baumanagement.at

If you have a query about Testi motorcycles please contact us