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Titan Motorcycles of Austria

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Grazer Motorenwerke AG, 1926-1932
Puntigam near Graz

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The first motorcycle built by Grazer in 1926 was designed by Karl Schüber as a twin-cylinder OHC 174cc road racer. He also designed a reed-valved twostroke of 350cc which was used in the first production Titan machines presented in late 1926.

The following year a sports model was introduced to the range, and this provided considerably greater performance than its major rival, Puch. In later years they introduced JAP and Blackburne-powered machines which complemented their own two-strokes.

The Titan became the second-largest motorcycle manufacturer in Austria, producing some 1400 units in the period 1927-1932.

Like so many other companies, the deepening global depression spelled doom for the great Austrian marque, and in 1932 it folded.

1926 - 1930

  • Titan 350 Sport
    Two-stroke 347cc

1930 - 1932

  • Titan 350 Special
    Single-cylinder 347cc two-stroke with reed valve induction

There may also have been clip-on bicycle engines and tricycles.

Sources: voz.co.at

Several countries produced motorcycles named "Titan" - see Disambiguation

Titan 1927 350 Sport
Photo by Hans Denzel

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