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Austro-Motorette Motorcycles

Karl Schüber established Steirische Fahrzeugwerke G.W.A. in Puntigam, Graz. His engine was patented in 1920 and the motor bicycles and motorcycles were built from from 1922-1926. The engines were built by Werke Arsenal in Vienna and were fitted to the machines in Graz.

These first machines had an 83cc bicycle attachment engine mounted to the hub of the front wheel, and the manufacturer claimed that they could be fitted to a bicycle "within a few minutes". It was built under licence in Germany as the Eichler Fifi. The Armor Roue Motrix is very similar, as is the Alcyon Motrix. These may have been built under licence, but it has been suggested that they were simply copied.

Schüber also built scooter versions.

A 144cc parallel twin two-stroke model, the Type II Z introduced in 1924, took the form of a conventional motorcycle.

In 1926 the firm offered a DOHC 175cc racing motorcycle designed by Schüler.

From 1927, the company name changed to Grazer Motorenwerke A.G. and produced 350cc and 500cc machines under the Titan marque.

N.B. Sources differ, at least one says production began in 1921.

Sources include: GTU Oldtimerservice, Tragatsch p80.

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