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Titan Motorcycles of Austria

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Grazer Motorenwerke AG, 1926-1932
Puntigam near Graz
Previously trading as Austro-Motorette

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The first motorcycle built by Grazer in 1926 was designed by Karl Schüber as a twin-cylinder OHC 174cc road racer. He also designed a reed-valved twostroke of 350cc which was used in the first production Titan machines presented in late 1926.

The following year a sports model was introduced to the range, and this provided considerably greater performance than its major rival, Puch. In later years they introduced JAP and Blackburne-powered machines which complemented their own two-strokes.

Grazer became the second-largest motorcycle manufacturer in Austria, producing some 1400 Titan machines in the years from 1927 to 1932.

As for so many other companies, the deepening global depression spelled doom for the great Austrian marque, and in 1932 it folded.

1926 - 1930

Titan 350 Sport
Two-stroke 347cc

1930 - 1932

Titan 350 Special
Single-cylinder 347cc two-stroke with reed valve induction

There were also clip-on bicycle engines, and possibly motor tricycles.

Sources: voz.co.at

There were several "Titan" marques - see Disambiguation

Titan 1927 350 Sport
Photo by Hans Denzel

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