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"They are one of the MOST UNRELIABLE new bikes you can buy in America today."

Sat Oct 30 2010
leaton01<at>bigponddot com
1949 ural
1949 ural war time side car & gun
i have found an 1949 Ural arriginial war time bike complete with side car and spare wheel,fuel carry drums & machine gun mounts & gun (not working)this bike has had motor rebuild about 10 years ago & goes well , i need to know how mucth it could be worth to by as owner does not now, the bike is in USA it is surposed to have russian & usa title( i hae not yet seen these) if any one could advise me as to worth of bike i would be grateful 
Regards Tony (australia )

Thu Jul 26 2007
cyrcle at comcast.net
Ural Motorcycle
I bought a Ural motorcycle from Piotr who owns Old Motors in Warclaw Poland. I have been having a hard time communicating with him. He called me but the language barrier has been difficult. Because you are in his area and are in the motorcycle business I was hoping you could help by giving me his number or Email or by getting a message to him with my e mail adress

Thank You Don Beach 

I finally took some picks today, here is one. If you look carefully at the bottom of the black fuel tank you can see the rolling stoppie that went a bit too high!

I love my outfit!


  • Paul is the FasterPastor (and not, as some have suggested, Father Ted's brother). His site is motorcyclefunerals.com
  • Hi Paul,

    Was thinking of you just the other night, no particular reason just wondering how you were getting along.

    Great to hear the Ural is working out for you - they do come up for sale here from time to time, but I've never really been tempted. Perhaps I should change my tune. I had an R69S with a Steib on it for quite some time - that was some special motorcycle, I don't mind telling you. What a great machine to ride. I once had it up to 90mph three up (yeah, right! Ed.), and it would have gone faster I'm sure had the clutch not begun to slip.

    I'd give a great deal to get that one back.

    If ever you need specialised knowledge on the Ural then Sheldon Arbut would be a great one to ask.


Finally got it done right about a month ago and been using it quite a lot, thanks to f2motorcycles.co.uk. He's really got it that guy, and now I understand the five-six week waiting list to get anything done! He threw away the Russian alternator and went through everything but everything, now I feel like I have a brand new outfit.

My outfit is simply too much fun and comes complete with a good dose of sheer terror on bends! You simply must get your hands on one for a short holiday, an experience not to be missed.



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