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White Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

White motorcycles were built for export to the USA at the Csepel Motor Works in Hungary until 1975.

Jack White contracted the Csepel Motor Works to build this unique motocrosser in 1965. White Motors, located in Santa Ana, California actually imported several different models of motorcycles which included 125 and 250cc machines for street, scrambles, and motocross.

Jack White died in 2012 at the age of 90.

 Mon, 07 Aug 2017
jessicakulpa at yahoo.com
1965 white star Star 1965

Hi, Just wanted to drop a note I saw my picture of my 1965 White Star on your site AWESOME! I still have it! Have a great day!
Jessica Swan
Westfield NY

Sat Apr 15 2017
white racing history
1965 White prototype 250 scrambler mc67 prototype
does anyone have any racing history of the White 250 motocross bike in the usa?
and how many white bikes were imported into usa? djkev
calif, usa

Wed Feb 15 2017
History research White Motorcycle Rider
White 250 cross
I see a pic of a racer wearing a White Motorcycles Jersey, (csepel/White) number plate show 622x. Do you know who this is and where the pic was taken at? Trying to find info on the rider that raced the White 250?
Thank you, Kevin
Calif, USA

Sorry, don't know who the rider in the green image in the gallery is. (email address removed by request.) Ed.

Sun Jul 17 2016
juwa1 at aol.com
white roadracer
i have a white roadracer from the 60's and its apart {for 40yrs} . i need some information and picture so i can restore it,
Wesleyville, Pa. USA

I'm almost certain I saw such an image just the other day. If I find it again, I'll send you the link.
It was in the work directory. Posted now. This one's a Csepel but is likely the same

Fri Apr 17 2015
csaba.pankucsi at gmail.com
Copy of repair manual
White Super Sport Csepel 250 ccm 250 ccm Pannonia T9 in Hungary
I am looking for technical description & repair manual.

Tue Aug 14 2012
tara.kennedy74<at> yahoo.com
White motorcycle
white shooting star
I have this bike in pieces seems complete and would like some information on it or the value.

Sun Aug 12 2012
motoroskutya<at> yahoo.com
white motorcycle
1960-1970 any
Looking to process a White or Pannonia motorcycle made for USA
New York

Thu Jul 12 2012
Jack White
White 250cc
On July 10 2012, in the age of 90th years Mr. Jack White has passed away, due to a heart attack. R.I.P.

In the name of the White and Pannonia motorcycle owners:

"Jack, thank you for your talent and contribution to the design and production of our motorcycles! We never forget you!"

Mon Aug 27 2012
1967 White 125cc
white 125
I just picked up this 1967 White 125cc it is complete but needs total resto. Can you give any info on this bike thanks Kenny
Tomball TX.

Thu Apr 05 2012
1966 white shooting star
i have this motorcycle how much is it worth should i restore this or sell it like it is
riverside ca.

Sun Apr 01 2012
WHITE Enduro / Trails Trails / Enduro
Autographed picture
Jack White

White 1965 Enduro

Sun Mar 20 2011
Looking for White
any White 125/250
I'm looking for this kind of old beauty, please write me if you have one.

Sun Sep 05 2010
White 250cc photo
White 250cc Super Sports
Hi, I just wanted to send a small photo of these beautiful White twins (red and black). After 45 years spent in the US, they have arrived back home, to Budapest. They are in nice authentic condition, just waiting for some cleaning and polishing, and some little supplementary parts. Great examples of this rare make and model.

Tue May 25 2010
pickaxe<at>erielutherie dot com
Parts for 1965 White Shooting Star
White Shooting Star
Anyone with any parts please contact me with what you have.

Sat May 08 2010
1966 white motorcycle for sale
1966 white vin t808330
please call me i have 2 white 250cc motorcycles for sale---one has never been started---my number is ... mark manning---ps i have original tile one owner--
akron ohio

Wed Apr 07 2010
morrisantiques<at>hotmail dot com

1957 white 250cc
found 2 1 has .1 miles what are they worth,David

Wed Mar 31 2010
jkarasz<at>gmail dot com
danuvia shooting star
I looking to buy a white motorcycle

Sat Feb 13 2010
blancojco at live dot com
Jack White`s Email
White Mcys All info
Email Address
Twin Falls Id

Fri Dec 28 2007
lucien at ducret dot com
Double seat
early Pannonia or White Shooting Star
Looking for a complete seat to finish a motorcycle restoration

Wed Nov 28 2007
blancojco at magiclink dot com
White Motorcycles
Advise if interested in Photos---etc
Jack White
usa White MX USA

Tue Nov 20 2007
blancojco at magiclink dot com
White Motorcycles

contact- John F White
White Motorcycles
White Enduro Mk1

Thu Aug 23 2007
pbuck at nexicom.net
Need to sell my White
1968 White 250 SS
I am trying to find apa.emil I promised that if I was to sell I would be in touch. Your email does not go through. I need to sell my bike. If I don't hear from you it is open season!

My Bike is a 1968 White 250 SS. I have 99% finsihed a complete, engine out frame up restoration. Photos are on this site. All new rubber, cables, rims, spokes, chrome has been done, new clutch plates, springs, cups...... etc. I have the owners manual, parts lists (in english and Hungarian). I have all the bills for parts and work done. Original ownership, ads, bike history. All new parts are factory originals, nothing "butchered". I have more than $3000.00 invested in restoration. I will take the best offer, and purchaser makes arrangements and pays for shipping.
Ontario, Canada.
Wed Sep 12 2007
apa.emil at freemail.hu
ICQ - to Paul in Ontario, Canada
Paul, I saw your post about selling your White. I am still interested! My e-mail address is unchanged, please try again, you can also cc. motorkuli at freemail.hu for back-up. If you drop a line with your phone number, I will call you. I also sent an e-mail yesterday. Thank you!

Sun Feb 18 2007
jessica at c21turnerbrokers dot com
1965 White Star Motorcycle
I have a 1965 White Shooting Star. I am interested in talking with people who have knowledge on them, until today I had never heard of anyone else who knew about them. I'm glad I found this sight.
New York

Sun Jan 21 2007
apa.emil at freemail.hu
White 250 Shooting Star
Hi, I am seeking for folks who have this same model. I am looking for pictures, brochures, other materials. Also, I can help folks out with parts, and, if anyone is about to sell a bike like this, please call me first! Thank you, and congratulations for the great site!
Thanks for the quick response. Attached please find a nice ad from the early sixties, advertising the Hungarian made White 250cc bikes in the US. These bikes are belonging to the Pannonia family, made at the giant Csepel steelworks until 1975. You also have some pics on your site of these bikes from some folks. I would like to get in contact with people un the US and/or Canada, who own these bikes, want to restorate them, looking for parts, and/or about to sell them.

Thanks and Best Regards
  White Shooting Star advertisment

Fri Aug 04 2006
bultacodan at earthlink.net
Pannonia / White
I am looking for parts for a 1965 White (USA) / Pannonia

Sat Aug 05 2006
captndaveandpeggysuetoo at webtv.net
white shooting star (?)
hey, a female friend of ours was just telling us last nite that a few years ago she bought one, complete an in very good shape, at a yard sale for $400.00. complete with owner's manual and service manual. what are they worth ? she wants to ride it. dave
mayville, ny

Mon Jul 24 2006
adl at acd.net
White Shooting Star 1966
I have just acquired a White Shooting Star 1966 and need to know where I can buy parts to restore it. Thanks!
Michigan USA

Mon May 22 2006
Mjmeyerarz at yahoo dot com
white motorcycle 1965
white super sport 125
I own one of these and has never found anyone who knows anything about them. It is functioning but needs some work. I Have the parts list and cycle description.
Wabeno, wisconsin usa

Sat Mar 25 2006
pbuck at nexicom.net
My White
1968 White 250 Shooting Star Super Sport
My 1968 White 250 is 99% restored and I need to know if anyone can tell me where I can find front fork seals. I have one in excellent condition and one that is shot. Any helpers?
Ontario, Canada.

If they are conventional seals they may have numbers on them which you can quote to your local bearing supplier. What numbers if any are on them? Ed. I have checked the seals, nothing, no numbers. Some good news though, a contact in Hungary thinks he may be able to track them down for me!
I have attached a photo taken today, when the seals are in and I can add the front forks it will look even better! You already have the before picture in the gallery.


  • The dimensions of the seals will be sufficient for a professional bearing shop. You need the OD, ID, width and number of lips. Get the OD from the seal housing, the ID from the fork stanchion diameter, and use the width of the existing seal. The width of course is not critical, and often you can use two seals in place of one or vise versa.

Wed Feb 01 2006
jswebb at citlink.net
white m/c
I am looking for information on the white motor cycles, imported to the U.S.A in 1965 thru 1967 ????, mfg in Germany I think,Thank you Jim, God Bless

Thank You , Are thier any for sale, any place, Could I place a ADD , wanted to Buy , 250cc White / or 150cc Garelli / or 100cc Gypsy - Garelli ] or 1959 thru 1961 starmaker Greeves, Contact Jim , jswebb at citlink.net.... Thank You God Bless

Fri Jul 01 2005
pickaxe at madbbs dot com
White Motorcycles
I need Info on a 1965 White Shooting Star 250cc

If you have a query or information about White motorcycles please contact us