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York Motorcycles

York 1928 750cc SV Model A7 JAP V-Twin
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque

Cumberlandstr. 49, Vienna
Sold in Austria 1927-1929.

According to Tragatsch, York motorcycles were made by Omega in England built to a design by Robert Sturm, who left Vienna in 1929 and continued production in Germany. The machines were produced with SV JAP singles of 346cc and 490cc and 764cc JAP V-twins. OHV engines were available on request. Prior to 1927, Sturm imported Omega motorcycles to Austria.

In 1923 Sturm was involved with the Golo marque.


  • York Type A
    JAP V-twin 750cc with Binks carburettor, Burman gearbox and 26x3.50 tyres.
    Built: 1927-1929

    York Type B 500cc JAP York Type C 350cc JAP

York 500cc JAP
York 500cc JAP

Sources: Tragatsch | voz.co.at

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