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York 500cc JAP
York 500cc JAP

A Brief History of the Marque

Cumberlandstr. 49, Vienna

Sold in Austria 1927-1929, Germany 1930

York motorcycles were made by Omega in England built to a design by Robert Sturm, the Austrian importer of Omega from 1923 to 1927. When Omega ceased operations in England, Sturm built Omega in Austria. His advertisements from this period mentioned both marques.

The York machines were produced with SV JAP singles of 346cc and 490cc, and 764cc JAP V-twins. OHV engines were fitted to their SS models.

Robert Sturm left Vienna in 1929, moving his production facilities to Halle-Trotha in Germany. York continued production in Vienna with Joseph Pruckner as the new owner, who established Austro-Omega around 1932.

In 1923 Sturm was involved with the Golo marque.


York Type A
JAP V-twin 750cc with Binks carburettor, Burman gearbox and 26x3.50 tyres.
Built: 1927-1929

York Type B 500cc JAP SV

York Type C 350cc JAP

York Type SS 500cc JAP OHV

Sources: Tragatsch p300, voz.co.at, Motorpaul NL.

N.B. German automobile maker York Motoren AG of Plauen (1920s) appears unrelated.

kenmellor527 at yahoo.com
York 1929 Model B 500cc JAP/Sturmey Archer
Hello I have a York 500cc JAP engined model B if you would like a photo for your site. It was brought to England in 1946 by someone who served in Austria at the end of World War 2 but never registered in England Now retored it has been used in many VMCC rallys including 3 Banbury Runs
Ken Mellor
UK Yorkshire

Yes please! Ed.

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