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Cedos Motors of Northampton
  • Cedos were motorcycles produced from 1919 to 1929. The name was derived from the name of brothers Cedric and Oscar Hanwell.
  • 1919 Just after the end of World War I, the company entered the market with ladies' and gents' lightweight motorcycles powered by their own 211cc two-stroke engine. Both models had a chain-driven, two-speed gearbox and belt final-drive. The ladies' model had an open frame and both required push-starting.
  • 1921 They added a 257cc model, again in both ladies' and gents' versions.
  • 1922-1923 Only the larger model was listed. Following liquidation, the company had to be restructured.
  • 1924-1928 New models were added with a variety of engines. At various times they used Blackburne, Bradshaw and JAP and for their last two years they used Villiers. Gearboxes became three-speed Sturmey-Archer with all-chain drive.

    A report on the Motor Cycle Show of November 1924 reads, in part:



British Engine Builder
Fitted to numerous British and European motorcycles.
Bradshaw Engines

Cedos motor cycles for 1925 have been re-designed throughout, and the two-stroke models are fitted with an entirely new ball and roller bearing engine. The company is specialising in machines for ladies. It may not be well known that the designer of these machines is an old T.T. and competition rider.

Cedos Engineering Co., Ltd., Nothampton.

Motor Sport Magazine

  • 1929 The company's final year of production - another victim of the stockmarket crash.
Sources: Graces Guide, Motor Sport Magazine

Wed Jan 19 2011
tgreenfellaccountant<at>btinternet dot com
John Granville Grenfell
cedos 250cc
Dear Sir, my grandfather rode a cedos in european races and I have a medal he won during the 1920s
my grandfather was indeed John Granville Grenfell MSAE FMI he rode cedos motorcycles on the continent during the 1920 when he owned the motor house in Bellenzona in switzerland and sold motor cycles. there are articles on him in various magazines. Yours Sincerely Anthony Granville Clarke-Grenfell

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