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Cedos Motorcycles for 1920-1921

Cedos 1920

Ladies will be particularly attracted by the Cedos open-framed lightweight fitted with a light sidecar.

Olympia Show 1920

Cedos. (Stand 36.)

  • 2¼ h.p.; 62x70 mm. (211 c.c); single-cylinder two-stroke; drip feed lubrication; Cedos carburetter; Runbaken chain-driven magneto; two-speed countershaft gear; chain and belt drive; Denton or Hutchinson 24x2¼ in. tyres. Price, lady's model, £75 12s.; standard, £73 10s.

Hanwell and Son (Components), Northampton.

The Cedos motor cycle is full of interesting points. It has not been greatly altered since last year, but one of the modifications lies in the exhaust pipe, which is now carried underneath the engine- shield. This shield is a remarkably good feature, as it protects the engine, gear box, belt, and chain from mud thrown up by the front wheel. The manufacturers of the Cedos are also among those who specialise in a lady's machine. It is well designed, strongly constructed, and every detail is carefully thought out. The gear box is carried eccentrically in a circular bracket, so that to tighten the chain it is only necessary to alter the centre of the gear box merely by means of the adjusting screw, while there is no danger of interfering with the chain alignment. Petroil lubrication, where the lady's model is concerned, has been regarded as undesirable owing to the chances of its fair passenger soiling her attire; the makers are using a drip feed in conjunction with a hand pump.

A new model, having a bore of 67 mm. and a stroke of 70 mm. (247 c.c), is fitted with an entirely new engine, which possesses several interesting features. Unlike most two-strokes, it has a detachable head, which has exceptionally large radiating surface. The lugs through which the holding-down bolts pass are in themselves radiating fins. The cylinder is a very fine piece of work, in which the ports are not cast, but machined. By this process greater accuracy can be obtained. The piston is the Cedos registered design, in which ports are cut for the purpose of transferring the gas to the underside of the piston. The transfer port is covered by a special aluminium cover.

The engine is most carefully thought out in every detail. The roller bearing big end is a particularly fine piece of design, while bronze bushes are employed fitting up against the Skefko journal main shaft bearings for the purpose of retaining the compression. These bushes cannot wear unless the ball bearings wear. They are provided with grooves specially cut so as to direct the oil into the engine.

The machines are now enamelled in black, and their finish is greatly improved. A lady's model is also shown fitted with a 247 c.c. engine, a gear box and kick-starter, handle-bar controlled clutch, and a lightweight sidecar.

Olympia Show, 1920

The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920.