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The Mohawk Cycle Co produced motorcycles from 1903 to 1904 at Chalk Farm, London, and from 1922 to 1925 in Hornsey, London.

  • 1903-1904 A primitive machine was produced using a 2¼ hp or 3hp engine fitted with a Longuemare carburettor. The diamond frame had the engine mounted vertically, with flat or V-belt drive to the rear wheel, and braced forks.

    1922 Now based in Hornsey, the make reappeared on the market to offer a six-model range using a 269cc Villiers two-stroke, or 292cc, 346cc and 680cc JAP, and 499cc King Dick engines. The simplest model was single speed, but the others had Sturmey-Archer gearboxes and chain-cum-belt transmission. The firm's distinctive green and yellow with gold lining gave the finishing touch.

    1923 The 680cc had all-chain drive as standard. This was also an option for the 346cc.

    1924 The range was drastically cut to leave only the 292cc and 346cc JAP models.

    1925 Those two JAP-engined models continued, but it was their final year.

Mohawk 1922 AKD

Fitted with a 3 1/2hp Abingdon King Dick engine

1921 Olympia Show

The Mohawk Cycle Co. has probably been better known in the past by its pedal cycles than its self-propelled two wheelers; but for 1922 a complete range of motor cycles will be made. A Villiers-engined two-stroke will be supplied alternatively as a single-geared (direct belt drive) model, or fitted with a two-speed gear box with clutch and kick-starter. Next there is a very similar machine, but fitted with a 293 c.c. J. A. P.

A 350 c.c. engine of the same name has served as the basis of a neat sporting solo mount : and in the passenger class there is a single and a medium weight twin - the former a 3½ h.p. Abingdon, and the latter a 5-6 h.p. J.A.P.

The Motor Cycle, Nov 24th 1921

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