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Acme motorcycle, 1939

Made by Bennett & Wood Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, 1939

One of the advertising slogans for the Acme was '5 miles for 1 penny'.

The Acme motorcycle was assembled in Sydney by Bennett & Wood using mainly British components. The Acme was retailed in all Australian states by appointed agents. It is one of only two Australian made motorcycles whose production span covered both sides of WW2. Production commenced in May 1939 but stopped from 1942 until 1947 due to supply shortages from England. It commenced again after the war but ceased in 1949 due to competition from other machines.

Reference: Saward, Robert, A-Z of Australian Made Motorcycles 1893-1942, Turton & Armstrong, Wahroonga, NSW, 1996.

From the 1920s to the 1940s, many brands of Australian motorcycle were assembled and marketed, usually from imported English components. These lightweight and utilitarian machines provided the cheapest form of motorised transport for many working and middle class Australians.

The Acme motorcycle was marketed directly at city communters with advertisements promoting its economy. Slogans included '5 miles for 1 penny'.

This motorcycle was purchased from the Keith Williams collection of veteran, vintage and modern motor cycles.

Powered by a two stroke,single cylinder 125cc Villiers engine. Finished in black enamel.


Builder: Bennett & Wood Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia
Production dates: 1939 to 1949
Engine: Villiers single cylinder, 125cc two stroke
Engine number: AAA16406
Frame number: B768

Image and information sourced from the Powerhouse Museum

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