Rex-Acme Motorcycles

Acme Motorcycles

Acme of Coventry built motorcycles from 1902 to 1922.
  • 1902 Acme began production from their location in Coventry. The first machines had Minerva engines followed by the 2.75hp Auto-motor. They then built a 3hp Acme model themselves. A 4.5hp Auto-motor was also listed for trailer use.
  • 1904 Acme were making the Auto-motor engine themselves.
  • 1908 Two Acme machines were entered in the Island TT, but both retired. They did not enter the TT again.

    In 1917 the Coventry Acme Motor Co., believed to be the same firm, built workshop drilling machines under contract to Herbert's, who built turret lathes and the like. (1) Another sources states that Acme changed it's name to In 1920 the company changed its name to Coventry Acme in 1920, before merging with Rex to become Rex-Acme. (2)

    1918 They used JAP units and their own side-valve 348cc singles and 997cc V-twins.

  • 1920 A model was manufactured using a 976cc V-twin engine. The three-speed gearbox was chain driven.
  • 1921 A 2.75hp single joined the twin. It had two speeds and a chain-and-belt drive. The two machines were very similar to those produced at the Rex factory at nearby Earlsdon.
  • 1922 The two companies amalgamated to form Rex-Acme.

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"...the Coventry Acme Motor Company Limited, to give it its full name..." ~ Yesterdays.