Rex-Acme Motorcycles


Acme of Coventry built motorcycles from 1902 to 1922.
  • 1902 Acme began production from their location in Coventry. The first machines had Minerva engines followed by the 2.75hp Auto-motor. They then built a 3hp Acme model themselves. A 4.5hp Auto-motor was also listed for trailer use.
  • 1904 Acme were making the Auto-motor engine themselves.
  • 1908 Two Acme machines were entered in the Island TT, but both retired. They did not enter the TT again.
  • 1918 They used JAP units and their own side-valve 348cc singles and 997cc V-twins.
  • 1920 A model was manufactured using a 976cc V-twin engine. The three-speed gearbox was chain driven.
  • 1921 A 2.75hp single joined the twin. It had two speeds and a chain-and-belt drive. The two machines were very similar to those produced at the Rex factory at nearby Earlsdon.
  • 1922 The two companies amalgamated to form Rex-Acme.
Source: Graces Guide

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