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Rex Motorcycles 1903-1904

The Rex Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

One of the largest (and also handsomest) stands in the show will be that occupied by the Rex Motor Manufacturing Company, as we are informed that they have reserved a space one hundred feet long for this purpose, on which they will be showing no less than fifty motor bicycles and three Tricars. We are also informed that, following the tendency of the times, the horse-power of the Rex motor bicycle for next season is increased to 3¼ ; also, that as a result of three years of exhaustive experiments a considerable number of improvements have been embodied in the new Rex models, the first and most important of these being "the new air-draught device," by means of which a clear passage for the circulation of air is formed between the walls of the cylinder and that of the exhaust valve chamber or port, thus providing a largely increased cooling surface.

The Rex surface carburetter, which has given such good results in the past, has been still further improved by the much larger amount of surface provided for vaporisation - a matter of great importance with the heavier density petrol now sold. We must also mention a very efficient and simple rear wheel brake, by means of which a brake pad or shoe is brought in contact with the inner periphery of the rear wheel pulley by the pressure of the rider's foot on a lever placed slightly in front of the crank bracket.

The Motor Cycle November 18th, 1903 Page 805
Crystal Palace Show 1903

Rex Improvements.

For 1904 the Rex Motor Manufacturing Co. have introduced several detail improvements, which are to be seen on a large number of Rex machines exhibited on Stands 104, 105, and 106. The cylinders are now so designed that a current of cooling air is permitted to pass between the cylinder proper and the valve box. In general outline, the machines remain the same, though a 3¼ h.p. engine is now fitted. The petrol tank capacity has been increased so that there is no diminution in the distance travelled on one filling up. Provision is made for the carrying of extra batteries, the usual set being carried in a box in rear of the seat tube. An independent exhaust valve-lifter is employed, operated by a thumb-actuated lever. Ample braking power is provided —an important item on so powerful a machine. A foot-applied brake operates on the inside of the belt pulley, which affords a large surface over which the power may be applied.(Stands 104-106.)

The Motor Cycle November 25th, 1903. p849
Crystal Palace Show 1903


Rex Motor Co., Ltd.

Among the extensive array of Rex motor bicycles already referred to is to be seen a fine specimen of the Rex forecarriage, an illustration of which is given on this page. In this the motor bicycle practice is followed, the forecarriage being practically built on to the bicycle. Beneath the footboard of the forecar is placed a wind scoop, which projects a current of air on to both sides of the cylinder head. (Stands 104-106.)

The Motor Cycle November 25th, 1903. p851
Crystal Palace Show 1903