Rex-Acme Motorcycles

Rex Motorcycles for 1911

The Rex Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Earlsdon, Coventry. Stand No, 62.
The Rex Co. naturally have a very fine exhibit, and it will be seen that there are several improvements, notably in the twin-cylinder patterns, all of which now have mechanically-operated inlet valves - a really great advance. The magneto is now placed at the back of the engine, and is gear-driven. The petrol tank is larger and the filling cap is large, and the centre is of glass so that the amount of spirit in the tank can be seen without removing the cap. Little things like this go far towards the comfort of the rider, and will be fully appreciated by motor-cyclists.

One of the special features of the Rex Co.'s productions is a really lightweight twin-cylinder machine, which scales about 112 lbs. The Rex arrangement of securing the front wheel in the fork and yet enabling it to be very quickly removed by merely taking off one nut is naturally retained. All the 1911 new models are provided with footboards, no pedalling gear being fitted. In the case of the free engine model a push-down starting pedal is provided.

Amongst the company's productions is an original pattern side-car, called the Sidette, in which the side wheel steers in conjunction with the front wheel. This machine has had a very considerable testing and has proved extremely satisfactory and is great advance upon the ordinary side-car. In the case of the 3.5 H.P. "De Luxe" a free engine and a two-speed gear operated by one lever is fitted, whilst the 3.5 H.P. "Tourist" is provided with a free engine and the Rex cone clutch.

Olympia Show, November 1910