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Rex Motorcycles 1907

Rex Litette Forecar 1907

The 6 h.p. Twin-cylinder Litette.


THE Rex Motor Manufacturing Co., Coventry, sent us an illustration of a new pattern motor-cycle, which they propose marketing under the name of the Litette. It is fitted with a 6 h.p. V-type water-cooled engine, the cooling being arranged on the thermo-syphon system, and the radiators neatly fitted at the rear of the passenger's seat. A magneto is fitted driven direct from the camshaft. The Litette has a low front bucket seat, and the driver's saddle is also fitted in a low position and on springs. The twin tyre is adopted, which enables a ride to be completed in case of one of the tyres puncturing, and the repair made at leisure.

A Roc free engine clutch is fitted, so that the engine can be started from the live axle in the back hub. The two-speed epicyclic gear is on the well- tried Crypto system, and the transmission is by means of a Fishback belt. Laminated springs support the front portion of the frame, and we are informed that the steering is free from roll, and it is equally comfortable to drive with or without a passenger in front. It has been the aim of the designers to eliminate all unnecessary weight and bring the machine within the 3 cwt. limit.

The company also inform us that they have now decided to cater for the demand that exists among cyclists for something mechanically propelled, but very little more costly than a first-grade roadster pedal bicycle fitted with a two or three speed gear. The policy outlined is to manufacture in quantities a light motor bicycle fitted with a 2 h.p. engine and magneto igntion. We have not seen this machine, but we understand that it will have only one more lever than its ... pedal brother. We wish this enterprising company every success with the new models.

The Motor Cycle, April l0th, 1907.