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Rex Motorcycles 1905

Rexette Refinements.

On the new Rexette we noticed the following innovations: The accumulators are carried in a neat little box on the footboard itself, whilst outside it the two-cylinder trembler coil is carried. A simple and neat form of two-way switch is placed on the outside of the former, so that the accumulators may be switched over while the engine is running. A good luggage- carrier, big enough to carry a large Gladstone bag, is fitted over the rear wheel, while the transmission chains are all large sizes. On the model shown at the Stanley the front seat is large enough for two people

Beyond the description we have already given of the 1906 Rex motor bicycles, there are one or two small details which have yet to be dealt with. The method of springing the saddle- pin is particularly neat. The pin itself is horizontal, and is hinged on a point about two inches forward of the saddle tube.

To the rear of this there is a rod sliding through a bracket brazed on to the saddle tube, and on each side where it passes through the lever there are coil springs. This gives a perfectly even and delightfully comfortable movement. This, in conjunction with the spring forks already referred to in our (pages, makes riding of the machine delightful in every respect. The rear brake, which we have previously illustrated, consists of a coiled strip of spring steel encircling a drum, hooked round the projecting leg at one end and attached to the operating rod at the other. When the lever is applied the coils of the springs tighten, and effectually check the speed of the machine. The control levers are also operated in a novel manner, small knobs fitted to the top of tank are pulled upwards. The old arrangement, which when pressed down agitates the trembler float, and when turned round regulates the air supply, is still retained.

One of the most important features on the whole machine is the case, which completely envelops the contact breaker. The contact breaker itself revolves inside the case, and is completely protected from mud and wet. The perfectly straight inlet pipes are another -excellent feature in the engine, from the centre of which a branch goes to the carburettor.. These pipes may be detached in a few seconds by undoing a nut which releases their natural spring round the collar cast on the cylinder. As in former models, the accumulators and trembler coil are carried in a case situated at the rear of the saddle tube.

The Stanley Show 1905