Today in Motorcycle History

Autoglider Scooters

1920 Autoglider Scooter

1920s scooters were launched to much acclaim, but the public relations exercise did not translate into good sales. There was too much competition from conventional motorcycles, and they were a fashion that passed quickly.

With a heavy and quite powerful engine at the front, the Autoglider was not as easy to steer as a motorcycle.

Bear in mind that, with a low centre of gravity, the scooter was originally designed to encourage women to start riding motorcycles.

Nevertheless, the Autoglider was a very well-made machine and was considered one of the best models of the time.

... various styles were available, including one with no rear bodywork, on which the rider stood instead of sitting. Some also had front mudguards, others did not.

At the first postwar Olympia show in 1919, 112 motorcycle manufacturers were represented. Many were small companies assembling machines using proprietary components with their own badge on the tank. By the end of the twenties there were 300 motorcycle manufacturers.

It was in this climate of invention, mechanical innovation and marketing optimism that machines such as the Autoglider made their debut. This was the first era of motor scooters.

A strange feature of this scooter is that it pivots at the front of the footboard: that seems to act as its suspension.

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