Bimota Motorcycles

Tamburini MV750 1970


This is Massimo Tamburini's own bike, created in 1970 based on an MV Agusta 600/4. Tamburini designed his own frame, shorter, lower and with different geometry which considerably improved the handling. He built his own chain-drive conversion and also fitted a 750cc upgrade kit with using Dell'Orto carburettors with larger throats. The machine was a mobile test-bed for his ideas and was updated almost monthly. In 1972 it was sold, and then two years later was passed to a Mr Benetti who retained stewardship of it until 2003. He also developed the MV on a continuing basis - left foot gear change; refitting the large original battery, electric start & head light (Tamburini had used a very small battery just to power the ignition and push started it); Magni chain conversion & clutch; new tank, seat, side covers & fairing; alloy brake scoops; Magni carburettor kit and more. The bike changed owners again in 2003 with the new owner leaving the bike untouched. It was bought by the current owner in 2016.

Tamburini is on record as saying he originally hoped to build the machines, later to become known as Bimotas, using MV Agusta engines but was of the opinion that Count Agusta would be hostile to the concept, so it would be easier and more convenient to use Honda motors instead. The subsequent HB1 frame appears very similar to this, his very first working frame design.

Text and images courtesy Phil Aynsley