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09-May-2020 at
Hi, would like the price please for qty2 YB9 and qty 2 Bimota Tank transfers please, plus postage to Auckland New Zealand.
Thank you
laurence robinson
New Zealand

  • Sorry, we don't sell decals.

Sun Mar 23 2014
normwills at
Printed Info
Bimota Yb7 400
Desperate for Model of Mikuni Carbs and source of parts
Melbourne Australia

Fri Jan 18 2013
want to sell
1996 Bimota SB6
16,000 k's
Colour Red & Gray
Motor : Suzuki 1100 GSXR
All original nothing restored or worked or tuned , strait from factory to my garage more or less mint condition ! ill take and post pictures tomorrow ! offers ! ,
New Zealand

Mon Dec 12 2011
yb8 years of manufacture
yb8 frame yb800145
Could anyone help us with the date of manufacture of this motorcycle.(frame YB800145) We have a race class over here for motorcycles manufactured prior to 31 December 1989. This motorcycle is competing in the class and there are a number of questions as to its elegibility. thanks dave
new zealand

Thu Oct 06 2011
Bimota YYB9SRI
Hi just thought I should tell everyone that we managed to get the bike into Australia and I am now riding it. It required aproval from SEVS and compliance by a RAWS workshop and it was done
Thanks Rene

Mon Jun 20 2011
fork oil level
bimota yb11 super leggera
hi how much fork oil does a yb11 need in them thank you
guernsey channel isles

Tue May 17 2011
angelaj<at>techemaildot com
Year of Manufacture
Bimota YB8 YB800145
Hi there
Am trying to confirm the year of manufacture for a Bimota YB8, Frame number YB800145. Was sold as a 1989 but everything I have read points to the YB8 not being made until 1990+. Are you able to confirm of point me to where I could find out. This is due to me racing in a pre 1989 class so I need to confirm.
New Zealand

Tue Feb 22 2011
bi-mota yb11 vs sb6r
Can you give me an estimate of the better investment value a YB11 or SB6R

Verzonden: vr 31-12-2010 3:58
Aan: smid145<at>
Onderwerp: Re: Sheldon's EMU

Very first Suzuki Bimota SB1 restored
Suzuki SB2 Bimota, a beauty. Restored

Tue Oct 26 2010
1997 YB11
Bimota YB11
I need a belly pan for a 1997 YB11. the exup valve stuck closed and melted the original.
Nashville, NC, USA

Melted under body belly fairing for YB11 1997

Bimota 1997 YB11 bellypan
Bimota 1997 YB11 bellypan

Wed Oct 06 2010
Need help
Bimota YB9 SRI
Hi I need help. I purchased a YB9 SRI when in london and can't find a way to get it into Australia. Can any one help. Regards Fay

Wed Oct 06 2010
sbruner AT
Parts sources
Bimota Supermono (BB!)
Am looking for a
gas guage sending unit for a Bimota BB1. Sources?

Thu Jul 22 2010
Bimota SB8R 2007
I am looking for SB8R 2007 front and rear Brake pads and Air filter any suggestions

Wed Jun 23 2010
filigle74<at>hotmaildot com
Bimota All
I have the following list. If anyone needs!... Just let me know!
Lisbon, Portugal

Fri Feb 12 2010
bimotakid at aoldot com
sb6r thermostat
bimota sb6r
hi i need a thermostat for my sb6r anyone know what bike its off or where i can get one cheers
merseyside uk

Mon Dec 21 2009
bogart-ferrari at hotmaildot com
Bimota DB2 sr problems
i got a problem whit my bimota db2 sr, the centralina is burn, and i need a new one if someone can tell me were i can find a new, ihave 3 year's of no runs my Bimota, tank's.
Riverside CA USA

Sun Nov 22 2009
niemann17 at gmaildot com
Workshop manual for Bimota Hp2
Bimota Hp2 Hp 2 1982
Could you please help me to find a workshop manual for a Bimota Hp 2.
South Africa When available, I will post links to Bimota manuals here: Books and Manuals

Thu Oct 08 2009
mikebp at iafricadot com
Am considering selling my virtually immacualte low mileage SB8R S.
I live in South Africa.
Any interest ?Photos/documents available etc
South Africa

Wed Aug 19 2009
sanja at specialiseddot com
Bimota - South Africa
Bimota Bike Bimota
Good morning,

Could you please help me with the contact details for Bimota Motorcycle importers in South Africa? Many thanks!

With kind regards,

Tue Jun 23 2009
pete3d at genesispatternsdot com
bimota db4 homologation certificate
bimota db4
need a homologation certificate or cert of conformity cne386 for a bimota db4. year of mfr 1999.

Wed Jun 03 2009
steroid13 at
Tesi 2009
I wanted to know who I can write to to obtain a picture of the bike broken down to just the steering set-up..I'm planning on building a bike but need to see the set-up of this you know the address to Bimota's head office or HQ?

Bimota Superbikes
L to R: SB4, YB11, Tesi 1D.

Sun May 17 2009
frank at murphyautomuseumdot com
Bimota's at Superbike Exhibit at Murphy Auto Museum<
Bimota Tesi 1D, YB11, SB4
Motorcycle exhibit 23 May - 28 June 09. Murphy Auto Museum, 2230 Statham Blvd. Oxnard, CA 93033
Oxnard, CA, USA

Wed May 06 2009
summerrainirr at bigponddot com
Bimota SB6 1995
Hi can you please tell me were i can get parts for my bike i am living in the Newcastle area in Australia and had someone hit my bike from behind and i am needing some part to have it fixed but i cant find anyone that can help me

Sat Apr 04 2009
steve at
DB1 Clutch plates
bimota DB1
I am looking for complete
clutch plates for a DB1 F1 85 complete or plates alone
sydney australia

I'm almost certain a Ducati F1 clutch is the same. Try Frasers or Gowanlochs.
They'll both be listed here: Ducati-Dealers/

Owner indicated that plates are not the same. I'm not convinced.

Mon Mar 23 2009
nealfontana at hotmaildot com
Selling motorcycle
Bimota DB2ef
I am looking to sell my 1997 DB2ef. It has 10,710 miles and I am looking for any offers.
Boston, MA

March 2009
Youtube videos
1977 Bimota SB2 Warming Up

Bimota DB-1 Racing

Bimota DB1 at the Sound of Thunder 1988

Bimota 500 Vdue

Fri Dec 12 2008
aris-konstantinidis at yahoodot com
Charging Problem Solution
Bimota SB6
I saw some folks have the same problem I had so i thought I should help.

My SB6 had a charging problem when I bought it, but after everything in the alternator was checked/changed the problem continued. I found that the problem was in the rubber coupling that is located between the alernator and the engine spline output.

I changed it and everything is OK. It is hard to replace it though, as the frame is in
the way, but it is possible. The part is a replacement part from Suzuki and it has been changed in order to avoid the problem. Make sure you buy the 'new' one.

I hope this helps a few people. I attach a pic with the SB7 costume I'm using for track days.

Thank you and congratulations for your work in cybermotorcycle!

Aris Konstantinidis, Greece
Honda Hornet 900 2005
Bimota SB6 1995
Yamaha SR500 1981
BMW R75/6 1975
BMW R26 1957


No I have never been to Australia, although I would like to.
It's quite a long trip from Europe!
Here in Greece we play a trivia game with classic motorcycles and cybermotorcycle is a great pool of bikes, so we use it often.

Aris Konstantinidis

Wed Oct 08 2008
debbyajose at
bimota mantra
Hi, I have a Bimota mantra in perfect condition R reg, 3,000km on clock, wondered if you could give me some idea of its value. Thanks Debby

Fri Jul 25 2008
hamood333r at hotmaildot com
spear parts inquire sb6r 1996
i own a bimota sb6r 1996 model and i would like to have a full informations aboutt the agency in saudi arabia or the nearst supplyer...
saudi arabia

Fri Jan 04 2008
mrgremlin at
elec problems
bimota yb 11 super leggera
when brakes applied all elecs shut down,only done 7,200 miles since new in august has not got a clue how to fix bike been in garage 7yrs still not fixed,please help
guernsey ci

Tue Dec 25 2007

bill at
Bimota SB2 Wanted
Bimota SB2
I'm looking for a Bimota SB2. I'm able to arrange shipping from most countries. I have a brand new Tesi 1D I would swap for a really good SB2 or alternatively I'm happy to pay cash. Any leads welcomed.
New Zealand
[Bill runs , dedicated to MV ]

Fri Nov 09 2007
jljavaloyes at hotmaildot com
I´m looking for buY One Bimota Sb 2. Wanted !!!
Any information will be wellcome. Thanks !

Mon Aug 13 2007
chrisedwardes at
Bimota for sale
SB6 y2k
Red/Grey excellent cond.standard & upgrade exhaust.12500 tyres.£6200 ono

Fri Aug 10 2007
steveandannaharris at btinternetdot com
bimota yb11 1998
i need a new thermostat and i was woundering what bike it's off or could you supply me one if so how much?

Wed Aug 01 2007
bimotakid at aoldot com
non charging
bimota sb6r
i have a sb6r thats not charging i've had the alt tested but it's ok i've put a new reg on but it's still not charging i've been told that the alt drive cushion may of gone has anybody heared of this before? would appreciate any help thx

Thu Jul 26 2007
froryde at yahoodot com
For Sale Oregon
'95 Bimota SB6
Bimota SB6 '95. 19,000+ miles, lovingly looked after and taken care of.

A lot of work has been done to the bike recently - new fork seals, new charging system/battery...etc. New Dunlop 209s with approx. 600 miles.

Lots of info included - Bimota CD manuals and also one for 93-98 gsxr1100, magazines articles, brochure, model history booklet ... etc. Some spares as well.

Asking $8000 OBO.
Oregon, USA

Mon Jul 16 2007
longevity254 at yahoodot com
Nead Info
Bimota/Aermacchi 350
Can somebody guide me to where can I get info on the year of my bike

Fri Jun 15 2007
beam5569 at hotmaildot com
Bimota for sale
Tesi 1D SR
Brand new Bike.
Everything NEW since I bought from Bimota dealer in early 90's.
Never engine started,
Kept in dry.
Serious offer only.
Will ship anywere in the world at cost.
Far East

Wed May 23 2007
bikesandquads at hotmaildot com
charging problem<
bimota sb6r
bike unused,only did about 50 miles in last 18 months.Bike now not charging,put in new spurious regulator,no good, put different alternator, no good, what else could it be? would be grateful for any help/suggestions.
PS,sorry dont have pic as digi cam not working.

Sun May 06 2007
brucon at
1996 SB 6
Can you tell me how many SB6's were brought into Australia?

I believe there were two importers - Gowanloch Engineering of Sydney, and later a Perth company (Thoroughbred Motorcycles?) which I think may be no longer in business. Moto One down in Melbourne may also have some information. Ed.

Fri May 04 2007
brucon at
Fork Seals
SB6 Bimota
Need some info on fork seals.What is the I.D. O.D.and the height of the seal. Need to know so i might be able to find an alternative seal. Thanks

Wed Apr 18 2007
mmaich at
Bimota Furano
Recently acquired 1992 Furano ex Japan. Only missing lower fairing and has Antera rear wheel. Rode it home and then petrol pump broke up, no identifying marks. What is it and where to get another ? Also would like workshop manual or at least wiring diagram. Perhaps I should have bought that fireblade after all ? The model just before Furano was called a Tuatara after the NZ native dinosaur still living.
New Zealand

Tue Mar 13 2007
claudio.intl at
Bimota Mantra DB3
Need front brake pads. Which ones are the right ones ? The dealer is gone...
spain madrid

Wed Feb 28 2007
robert at
bimota sb6r 1998 mod
Hello.can you help me,a need
Rear Swingarm<
L&R Footrest
L&R Footrest rubber
Clutch handle
Front brake handle

To my Bimota SB6R

Wed Dec 27 2006
mfoxgrover at hotmaildot com
1995 Bimota SB6 parts
I need a haed light assembly. I have one cracked head light lense.Any help would be great.thanks Mike
This picture shows the cracked head light. I need the assembly which includes both head lights. It's all behind the farring. Thanks Mike

Tue Dec 19 2006
alanst at iafricadot com
Air filter
Bimota YB11
I am having difficulty sourcing an air filter for my YB11, Fiaam FL6380, and wonder if anyone can supply whatever equivalent from another bike works, or a competitors part number, or whatever constructive info is around. Thanks
Alan Stewart
South Africa

This is the only information I have found, so far. It's a PDF which mentions that filter - perhaps emailing the company may bring results.

Wed Nov 29 2006
pete.johnson at
base carb setting
bimota sb6 98r uk bike
can you tell me the base settings for the carbs on the above bike? (I.E. main jet size, float height, air screw etc) been driving me crazy trying to sort it out
ipswich, uk

Sun Oct 22 2006
ru1918 at yahoodot com
joe looking for all morbidellis,and bimota tesi,s and sb8r specials
looking for morbidelli and bimota mantras all models of tesi,1d,s sb8r specials, for sale

Tue Nov 14 2006
chrismabbs at ntlworlddot com
Front fork maintenance kit?
Bimota SB6
The seals on my front forks urgently require changing. Having removed them, we now find you need a special tool to remove the cartridge to get to the seals. Does anyone know of anyone in the Uk I can approach to buy or hire the kit, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Portsmouth UK
Sat Nov 18 2006
SB6 Bimota
I sorted out the front forks for the Bimota SB6 North Leicester Motorcycles, Whitehill Road, Ellistown, Leicester LE67 1EL UK telephone 01530 263381 email: stuart at
we phoned them tuesday visited and they replaced the seals in the forks no problem and brought them home. Very reasonable prices as well, which cannot be bad. Well worth a visit for any problems, with UK bikes they stock used and new Bimota motorcycle along with other Italian bikes.
Portsmouth UK

Fri Oct 06 2006
julie.algar at ntlworlddot com
I have my bike 2002 6000 miles almost immaculate.

Wed Aug 02 2006
jlwolff911 at lycosdot com
importing into us

I am an army doc stationed in Germany and I am thinking about picking up a Bimota SB8R and wondering how difficult it would be to bring into the US? I seem to remember a German firm converting new left over Biomotas to US specs in the late 90s.
Landstuhl, Germany

Tue Aug 01 2006
chris.mangion at hotmaildot com
What number make
SB6 96 model
Hi i like to know if i give you a vin/chassis number would you be able to tell me what number it was built out of the 1144 made. That would be great thanks

Thu Jul 27 2006
shaun.downey at btinternetdot com
High vibration above 7,000rpm<
bimota sb6
I have just bought this model and love it. However from 7,000 upwards the vibration is so bad as to make it impossible to ride.
Any ideas?. It has 20,000 miles on the clock

Suggest you take it to a competent mechanic, preferably one familiar with the GSXR11, as this sounds much more serious than the relatively high vibration levels associated with this engine in standard form. Ed.

Sat Jul 22 2006
margarla at mixmaildot com
manuel g.
bimota db3
Cuando pongo el cambio en punto muerto, no se enciende la luz verde. ¿Es dificil reparar esta anomalia?

When the gear is in neutral the green ligth don`t shine. The bulb is ok. Is dificult repair this?

It is possible that the sensor in the gearbox is faulty, in which case the problem is easily fixed. If the problem is with the instrument cluster, however, you will need a specialist to inspect the console.

Mon Sep 12 2005
Can you please tell me what type of brembo calipers are on my bimota sb6r front and rear so I can get pads

The rear pads are almost certainly same pads as YB6 illustrated here. (SBS 519LF or equivalent). I've not yet tracked down the front pads. Ed.

Thu Aug 18 2005
sales.gttor at btconnectdot com
Bimota yb11 parts
can you get parts for this bike

Sat Jun 18 2005
jim at thejajcompanydot com
i need to get a windshield for my Bimota SB6R & a fiber cover for my battery storage. do you know where i can get these parts from?

Mon May 09 2005
Thebarsoi at aoldot com
BIMOTA YB9 Evolution
Hallo - ich möchte eine Evolution kaufen- brauche einfach dazu DEUTSCH

Translation: Hello - an evolution would like buy would need I simply in addition information material in GERMAN May 09 2005


The BIMOTA is from 1996-97.have 14.000kilometers, YB9- Evolution.
red, grenn, white- the colours.131 PS-??
Can you send me Informations-please ???
GREAT from Germany-

Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005
subject: Help Please
Email: dave.thompson1 at
message: Hi,
I purchased a new YB11 from new in 1998. During the guarantee period I had to have 2 new sets of clocks because when using the brakes the clocks stopped working. When the guarantee had expired I had the problem again, this time the dealer returned the clocks to Germany for repair. This time the German repairer stated that they had replaced a Zener Diode in the clocks which cured the problem. All has been OK until a couple of weeks ago when the fault reappeared. When putting on the front or back brake the brake lights do not work and the clocks drop to Zero.
I would appreciate any information on this reoccurring fault and any ideas on how to fix it.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Dave Thompson

Since I now own a Bimota I thought it would be good to finally see some information about Bimota on the net. So I started [404]

It's faaaar from finished. AAMOF, I didn't do any development on the site until new years eve. But there *will be loads more info when I get some time free. And for a long time, I find it fun to work on a site again. The Ducati site hasn't gotten much attention form me, mostly because there are so many Ducati sites out there already now, even thought I was probably one of the 5 first and definably the biggest (before arrived and before I started neglecting it in early 1997, because of work and other things). Ducati lost some of its soul when the new organization took over and I don't identify myself very much with the new Ducati (insert: brand, company, bikes. Whatever you like ;-)

But Bimota though, is more fun to do something for :-)

~ Mr NiCe ~ Niclas Cederlund -- niclas at

See also Bimota Italy -

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