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Bimota Tesi 1D 1991

The Tesi was in development for seven years, during which time five prototypes were built. The model departed from conventional motorcycle design in respect of the suspension/steering arrangement which in turn resulted in an unusual frame design. Two u shaped aluminium fame members sandwiched the engine and provided mounting points for the front and rear swinging arms. The steering was effected by a hub centre system. The two elements negated the inherent problem with telescopic forks; that of the geometry changing as the forks compress.
The first series of production machines, announced during 1990 utilised a Ducati 851 engine, however, after 127 of the first series were built a revised version became available using the newly introduced 904cc Ducati twin. Only 20 examples of the Tesi 1D 904 were produced before it was in turn superseded by the Tesi 1D SR in 1992. It should be noted the 1D 904 was originally typed the SR but this is not often used in order to prevent confusion between it and the 1D SR!
This example is the only example of the Tesi 1D 904 to have been produced by the factory with an all red colour scheme and is offered with documentation from Bimota confirming this. It was featured in the July 2007 edition of "Motorcycle Sport and Leisure" and has recorded only 3993 Kms in its life. A recent service carried out by North Leicester Motorcycles at which time new belts, updated seals and engine parts were fitted.

Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions

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Bimota Motorcycles
Bimota Motorcycles