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Coulson 1921 by A.W. Wall


"Coulson" Justifies its claims.

Scores of people every day during the Show last week were astonished at the springiness and superlative comfort of the Coulson. Many
could not believe that such comfort could be made possible on a motor cycle. The leaf-sprung saddle pinion — a method of frame
suspension exclusive to the Coulson — was a revelation to a crowd of interested onlookers; experts characterised it as something so
absolutely revolutionary that it will irrevocably banish the 'rigid' frame.

The Coulson is made by A. W. Wall. Ltd,, of Tyseley. Birmingham — the motor cycle makers with the longest exnerience — and is fitted
with a Blackburne engire, the power unit with the classic reputation.

Being leaf-sprung like the limousine it gives car comfort in the saddle.

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