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Tonkin Typhoon 2007

During the early seventies Colin Seeley produced a limited number of road equipped Seeley G50's, known as the Condor, for those seeking the ultimate sporting British single. In 2006 well known racer and engineer Steve Tonkin resurrected the concept with the intention of building in (very) limited numbers the considerably more sophisticated "Typhoon".
The Typhoon utilises a Titchmarsh Seeley MK2 frame and swinging arm with Ceriani forks housing a Beale G50 engine running a slightly lower compression piston than the racing engine. The mixture is provided by an Amal MK2 Concentric carburettor and the spark is supplied by a Pal magneto. Drive is taken to the Tonkin type Goldstar 5 speed gearbox by a belt drive. A 12 volt electrical system is fitted and Fontana wheels are fitted fore and aft.
The silver fuel tank, side panels and saddle unit are complimented by a black frame, chrome headlamp, chain guard, centre-stand and mudguards. Modern Smiths instruments ensure that the rider is kept informed of the machines progress. This is the only example built, production being curtailed due to the high cost of the finished product and offers a unique degree of guaranteed exclusivity coupled to excellent performance. It is offered with a type approval certificate enabling the machines registration for use on the road.

Courtesy H&H Classic Auctions

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