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This is a collection nonpareil, and represents a rarely seen opportunity for the discerning curator or collector.

The Cor Dees Collection includes 12 historic racing machines including Milano-Taranto and Motogiro works racers from the 1950s, many prototypes, and star of the collection a V6 1000cc endurance racer - with a second V6 under restoration (Sorry, neither are included in the sale).

In total there are over 80 machines in immaculate condition, along with a vast array of Laverda memoriabilia, photography, literature and documentation - the result of Cor Dees' 30 years of dedication to the marque. More...

First Laverda 1000cc prototype, believed to be the one seen at the Milan Fair in 1971. Engine no. 1000 001. Sand-cast cases along with many other difference to the production machines - instruments and bars from the 750, sand-cast Del'Orto carburettors...

Fine photography by Phil Aynsley

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