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1961 Maico Maicoletta

Frame Number:713191
Engine Number:710979
Body Colour:Red

Another of the continent's traditional motorcycle manufacturers of quality machinery in the early fifties who saw it's future in supplying the scooter market was the West German Maico (pron.'' MY- co'') concern. They were not far out as the Maicoletta scooter models eventually outsold their road motorcycles. One of the largest and most advanced scooters on the market at the time it had 250 and 277cc (side car model) piston port 2 stroke fan cooled engines, enclosed chain drive, electric start and 4 speed foot operated gearchange.

All this was built around a tubular motorcycle type frame with proper long travel telescopic forks and fourteen inch wheels, enclosed in somewhat uncompromising steel bodywork nevertheless giving excellent weather protection and more storage than was usual on a scooter. The Maicoletta was as close as possible to a faired motorcycle, and with performance to match most 250's of the day the expensive fast and comfortable machine unexpectedly attracted a following among scooterists and the younger, less traditional, motorcyclist who was beginning to appear. The Maicoletta was to be joined later by the now very rare and even more enclosed Maicomobil, almost a 2 wheel car.

The Maicoletta here today, 845ARU, is from 1961 and although the electric start mechanism needs attention it is reported to start easily on a push. Said to be all complete the machine looks very attractive with its neat panniers but the paintwork needs a little refurbishment. There are a number of items of works technical information, an instruction manual and old log book with this example of one of the best heavy duty scooters of the period, which to be sure will shortly return to the road under a new owner.

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