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1929 Montgomery 1000cc V-Twin JAP

1929 Montgomery 1000cc
Estimate: (£) 70,000 - 80,000
Reg Number:KF 2040
Frame Number:C654
Engine Number:KTCY/W98950
Body Colour:Black
Bury St Edmunds was the birthplace of the Montgomery marque in 1902. Founder William H. Montgomery was building a short range of proprietary engined motorcycles there, including 680cc. sv. flat twins and sidecars, until a need for larger premises necessitated a move to Coventry shortly before the outbreak of WW1. Post war William's son Jack took control, resumed production at Coventry and commenced expanding the range to include machines from 147cc. two stroke tiddlers up to 1000 cc. Jap and Anzani powered leviathons. Some success in racing with these large bikes helped sales of the Greyhound range of sportsters, and may have encouraged George Brough to favour Montgomery with orders to manufacture frames for his machines.

Unsurprisingly, considering the connection with the Nottingham firm, the 1929 Montgomery on offer today resembles the Brough Superior in many respects although there are numerous detail differences. The 1000cc Jap V-twin, low slung in the massive frame and running gear exhibit the classic superbike lines of the period. Thought to have been stripped and stored in the 60's, not much is known about KF 2040 until purchased by the vendor in very poor condition although thankfully complete with original engine, frame and documents. Subsequently restored to it's present superb condition this beautiful vintage machine is offered to any potential new owner at a very reasonable reserve and will surely take to the road once more in the hands of a discerning enthusiast.
Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions
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