PV 680cc 1923 Spring Frame Model

National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull
P.V. Motor Cycles took their name from Perry Vale, their location in West London. Their range of V twin machines mostly powered by 680cc 50 degree J.A. Prestwich engines was distinquished from the many post World War I machines by a patented form of rear wheel springing much better engineered than those few of its rivals which had any form of rear suspension.

The rear wheel was carried in a strong tubular loop which pivoted in a manner which reduced the tendency for the wheel to tilt. This was further enhanced by the arrangement of the springs which were retained in position by the saddle tube and damped by friction material within.

This system had the advantage of appearing conventional to the typically conservative buyer, for whom, then as now, change was viewed as "progressive" and therefore to be avoided.

The price of the solo machine was listed at £100, 6 months wages for an average male worker, 12 months for a woman. Add £22 for a P.V. sidecar with a similarly sprung sidecar, and another £18 for a B.T.H. electric lighting kit.

(Adapted from the information on the museum's information sheet.)

Photograph by Mike Ricketts

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