PV Lightweight Motorcycles 1921

1921 P.V. lightweight

1921 P.V. lightweight, a thoroughly practical little mount, and one of the few of its kind fitted with a spring frame.

A Spring Frame Lightweight for Ladies


P.V. Machines for 1921 marketed with Open or Diamond Frames.

ONE feature of the 1921 models is that every class of rider is catered for. A large number of ladies' models have again appeared, and, without doubt, will not fail to attract those members of the gentler sex who have objected to riding a machine with a frame designed for the other sex. One fair critic at Olympia complained that there were no ladies' machines with spring frames, yet just outside Olympia she might have found such a machine in the P.V., now made in the two types illustrated on this page. A clutch and kick-starter are included in the specification of the lady's model.

A Distinctive Detail.

There are few more practical light-weights with modern refinements than the 2½ h.p. P. V., which is fitted with one of the earliest and most satisfactory forms of rear springing yet devised. As may be remembered, the adjustable springs are enclosed in the frame tubes. Another distinctive detail is an easily detachable rear wheel, which may be removed without disturbing the brake. A 2½ h.p. Villiers engine supplies the motive power. The flywheel magneto control in this case, however, is from the handle-bar.

Both models are fitted with Brampton Biflex forks which, combined with the rear springing, provide a degree of comfort not often found on so small a machine. A fairly long wheelbase should also be conducive to smooth running, and makes for great accessibility in both gear box and engine location.

The Motor Cycle December 16th, 1920. Page 813