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Regal Green 1912 TT Model


The 3½ h.p. Regal-Green-Precision is quite an interesting machine. The motive power is
the 3½ h.p. 85 x 88 water-cooled Green-Precision engine. In addition to the honeycomb
radiator incorporated in the copper water jacket, there is a supplementary tank provided with a
large filler cap at the end of a tube, about 3in. high, carried forward of the petrol tank, the
duty of which is to leave room for expansion. The frame has the top tube dropped at the rear in
the usual way, but the supplementary stay is now duplicated laterally, and allows the valves to
be easily reached. The two tubes of which it is formed more or less follow the contour of the
bottom of the tank. The belt is guarded in front of the engine pulley and entirely enclosed on
the offside. The gear is the Sturmey-Archer.

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