Beardmore-Precision Motorcycles

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Beardmore-Precision Models for 1920/1921

Beardmore at the Olympia Show 1920

Externally, a lower riding position and extended footboards are Beardmore improvements for 1921.

Beardmore Technicalities for 1921

Ignition and the two-lever carburetter are controlled from the same handle-bar mounting on the Beardmore-Precision.
Pressed-steel construction combines lightness with strength on the Beardmore rear stand.

Olympia Show 1920


  • 3 h.p.; 71x84 mm. (550 c.c); single-cylinder two-stroke; mechanical lubrication; Zenith carburetter; chain-driven magneto; two-speed selective clutch gear; all-chain drive; spring frame; Dunlop 26in. x 2¼ in. tyres. Price £105 solo; £140 combination.

F. E. Baker, Ltd., King's Norton.

Great interest was aroused at last year's Show in the first models of this machine, and the latest type shown this year is no less noteworthy. In internal design of the engine itself, certain alterations have been made, especially in the shape of the exhaust port and the piston deflection.

These improvements, together with slight modifications in the oiling system, have materially increased the power output of the engine, with no increase in the petrol consumption. As a consequence of this, a sidecar outfit is now being offered, with a sidecar specially designed to retain the full advantages of the excellent leaf spring frame of the cycle itself.

Generally, the machine attracts much attention by its extreme neatness. The roller brake and release levers, the triple Bowden lever for all engine controls (with the wire neatly encased), and the large handle-bar two-speed lever, continue to produce an exceptionally easy control. As was the case last year, the machine is built of steel throughout, and the steel tank is built integral with the frame. The Beardmore-Precision engine, with its combined selective clutch two-speed gear, is one of the few examples of unit construction to be seen at Olympia. The springing system provides a remarkably large motion, thus ensuring comfort, and the practically minded should not miss the extremely neat tool case in which a space is provided for each unit of the kit. It will be remembered that the mudguards are especially constructed, and act as frame members.

Olympia Show, 1920
The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920.