Italian Motorcycles

1969 Moto Villa 250cc Four


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1969 Moto Villa 250/4

Brothers Francesco (design) and Walter Villa (rider) were involved in racing for many years. Francesco designed 2-stroke racers for both Mondial & Montessa while Walter won 4 world championships for Harley-Davidson/Aermacchi in the '70s. They started building their own bikes in 1968 with a 125cc single, with Walter winning the Italian championship. This 250 V-4 appeared the following year and was basically two 125 twins mounted one above the other at a 30 degree angle. Unfortunately a change of rules limiting 250cc bikes to two cylinders from the 1970 season put paid to the design. It was raced once, in practice, at the Italian GP but with no development it did not compete in the race.
Text by Phil Aynesley

Fine photography by Phil Aynsley