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ABC Skootamota

The Skootamota was a scooter-like motorcycles built and marketed by Gilbert Campling of Albermarle Street, Piccadilly, London between 1919 and 1923 or 1924.
  • 1919 The scooter first appeared, being one of several designed by Granville Bradshaw. It was one of the best designs of the times. A simple affair, it consisted of a tubular frame with no suspension, and sixteen-inch wire-wheels with external contracting hand brakes for each. The engine was positioned above the rear wheel and had an eoi valve layout.
  • 1920 The Skootamota had a design change, to a single cylinder 123cc OHV engine by ABC, also a Bradshaw design, and transmission by chain to the rear wheel. The fuel tank was positioned over the engine and the saddle to the front so that the rider could sit when in motion.

Source: Graces Guide

Skootamota 1920

Small wheels, an entirely open frame, and a high efficiency engine, are features which attract so many to the Skootamota exhibit.

Olympia Show 1920

Skootamota. (Stand 142.)

  • l½ h.p.; 60x44 mm. (125 c.c); single-cylinder four-stroke; overhead valves; hand pump lubrication; single lever carburetter; C.A.V. gear-driven magneto; single-speed; enclosed chain drive; Wood-Milne 16x2 3/8 in. tyres.

Gilbert Campling, Ltd., 1, Albemarle Street, Piccadilly, W.l.

A plated machine reposing on a mirror forms a dazzling centre of attraction here. All the models shown have open frames and seats, and are provided with large size footboards which should assist greatly in shielding off dirt and dust. Even the scooter has been developed in divers ways in accordance with modern dictates. For instance, one model has plated disc wheel covers, whilst another specimen, which will appeal to ladies, is provided with a wicker basket on the handle-bars; another has a case neatly mounted on the three-ply wood footboards, whilst a further type is intended for express parcels delivery. The scooter sidecar alone remains as a possibility of the future!

With a single-cylinder air-cooled engine disposed horizontally, and the petrol and oil tank mounted over it, the whole of the mechanism is actually astern of the rider. A guard is provided as protection for the roller chain - adjustable for tension - which transmits the drive from a sprocket on the camshaft to the rear wheel.

Olympia Show. The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920.

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