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ABC at the Mulhouse Museum, France
ABC at the Mulhouse Museum, France

ABC France
ABC France

A Brief History of the Marques

Designed in England by Granville Bradshaw of Sopwith, the French machines were built under licence at a the Gnome & Rhone factory.

The All British Engine Company, Ltd. of London was founded in 1912. Later, the name was changed to A.B.C. Motors, Ltd. The company owner was Ronald Charteris and the chief engineer was Granville Bradshaw. They built a variety of A.B.C. engine types until the end of WWI. See ABC History

ABC France
Société Française des Moteurs ABC, Paris. 1920-1924

The Paris-based company was part of the Gnome & Rhône Group which produced the ABC marque under licence from Sopwith. The French ABC employed different engine displacements of 398cc and 498 cc. The designer of this model was the Englishman Bartlett.

Ateliers Balestibeau of rue Michel-de-Montaigne, Castillon-sur-Dordogne, Gascony, built an A.B.C. motocyclette prior to the first war. See ABC 1905

There is a comprehensive article on the French ABC at

ABC GmbH, Berlin. 1922-1925 see ABC GmbH

Mon Nov 05 2007
jpr at dial.oleanedot com
ABC engine
model gnome et rhone
I seek 2 pistons, cylinders, cylinder heads complete with tumblers and stems for an 1919 ABC.
Or then an engine.
Possibility of exchanges against old parts or old bicycle
france, clermont ferrand

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