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Beal Motorcycles


A.E. Beal 1909-1916

367-369 Queen St, Brisbane, with a branch in Rockhampton

Marketed FN and Abingdon motorcycles under the Beal marque.


The wonderful strides made in motor cycle construction are well exemplified in the 1910 Model Beal F.N. four-cylinder shaft-driven motor just landed by A. E. Beal, 367-9 Queen-street, Brisbane. Although this machine develops 6/7 horse power, three is no difficulty in reducing the speed to four miles per hour, and owing to the splendid working of the F.N. automatic carburettor, very smooth and steady running is obtained at this slow pace. By a slight movement of one lever on the throttle a gradual increase of pace up to 60 miles per hour can be obtained. Ease of starting and absence of vibration are noticeable features, and all those interested in motor-cycles should make a point of having this model demonstrated to them.

Truth (Brisbane, Qld.) Sun 28 Aug 1910 Page 10 (Trove)


It is only seven months since Mr. A. E. Beal, who is well and favourably known in Rockhampton as a cycle manufacturer and importer, decided to extend his business by opening an establishment in the metropolis, but during that brief period his machines have demonstrated their many excellent qualities to such an extent that the future prosperity of the branch is assured.

Mr. Beal's shop is situated at 367-9 Queen-street, where a choice selection of bicycles and motor cycles is on view. Amongst the motors the FN cycle claims most attention, chiefly by reason of its improvement on the old machine. It is a light machine, and is fitted with two speed gear, free engine, and a Cardan drive. This patent drive consists of a small shaft, which acts much more freely and with greater reliability than a belt, and consequently one of the greatest worries with which motor cyclists have to contend is obviated.

The FN motor cycle is so constructed that the lubrication is automatic, and the total weight of the machine ready for the road is only 121 lbs. Another line of motor cycles of which a speciality is made is the Beal Abingdon 3½-horsepower, single cylinder cycle which is specially adapted for travelling on rough country roads. The Beal forms the leading line amongst the bicycles. This machine is constructed of Speedwell parts, and is specially suited for the Queensland roads. Mr. Beal carries an extensive stock of Edison phonographs, and a selection of records representing no fewer than 3,000 titles.

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.) Wed 22 Dec 1909, Page 2 (Trove)


Aptly termed the "Home of the Motor Cycle," this enterprising firm welcomes inquiries for Rover, Pope, Villers [sic], Excelsior, and Precision models, during the festive season.

Daily Standard (Brisbane, Qld.) Sat 16 Dec 1916. Page 16 (Trove)


The home of the Beal motors and bicycles is situated at the corner of Edward and Adelaide streets, in an ideal position.

Here is an array of all that is new in motor cycles, bicycles and rexophones. This progressive firm is making a speciality of the side cars for motor cycles, and when coupled to the big twin Zenith or large single Rudge passenger machines with the Gradua gears it is as comfortable to go from Brisbane to Toowoomba as it is to Sandgate. When the pleasure to be derived from the use of this economical form of vehicle is better known, its use will no doubt become general. Messrs. Beal are selling some fine models of these vehicles, notably a coach built body beautifully upholstered in pegamoid. In addition to the well known Beal brand of motor cycles and bicycles this firm holds the sole agencies for Queensland of the Rudge, Abingdon, FN, Villiers and Zenith motor cycles, and the popular Rexophone music producing machine and records.

A first class workshop is installed in the basement where all classes of cycle and motor cycle work are executed by skilled mechanics. The firm will be pleased to answer any inquiries in connection with its lines.

The Brisbane Courier, Mon 15 Dec 1913, Page 12 (Trove)

Source: Trove NLA

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