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C. B. Kellow (Charles Brown Kellow) [1] was a successful cylist, winning the prestigious Austral Wheel Race in 1896, and shortly after the turn of the century raced motorcycles. He ran a bicycle business in Swanston Street, Melbourne with W. Howard Lewis, assuming sole ownership around the turn of the century. Early in 1904 the business moved to larger premises in Lonsdale Street.
KELLOW Motor Cycles and Bicycles. - Art catalogue, illustrating Australia's best production, post free. C. B. Kellow, manufacturer, 151 Swanston-st. Est. 1889.

The Age (Melbourne, Vic.) Sat 7 Feb 1903 (Trove) [2]

By 1904 he was importing Wolseley cars, and in 1905 he was racing motor cars - first a Talbot and then a Napier, for which he became the agent. In 1904 he landed a shipment of 10 cars, 8 of which were sold within 2 days. Motorcycles took a back seat.

Later he formed the Kellow-Falkiner company which in 1914 was selling Overland, Minerva, Wolsely, Standard, Talbot, Renault, Albion and Rolls-Royce at 456 Bourke St and 206 Russell St.

In the 1920s they had showrooms at 379 St. Kilda Rd., Melbourne, which could only be described as fittingly palatial for the luxurious automobiles they displayed. [3] Another branch of the company was responsible for importing Australia's first road-train. It was electric.
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1. Henry Brown Kellow (1871-1943) changed his name by deedpoll to Charles.
2. This is the only reference found thus far to Kellow Motorcycles.
3. The building now houses the Royce Hotel, and has retained the original splendour.

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