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Kent, Rova and Rova-Kent Motorcycles, Adelaide


"T.J. Richards and Sons, Pulteny St Adelaide. Designers and Builders of the "Kent" Motor Cycle." Trove 1914.

A newspaper article from 1916 states:
"L. S. Eglinton again showed that his locally produced Kent is a side-car mount of sterling qualities by winning the side car class. This Kent machine was entirely designed and manufactured here by the rider. Even the castings were done here. It is a truly Australian machine, with Australian tires and Australian 'Copper King' belt."

One new Kent motorcycle registered Jan 1917. Trove.

Kent motorcycles appear in the SA Registry records for 1920, for instance:
17535, G. H. Fidge. Prospect. 3½ (h.p.) Kent. - Oct 1920
Source: Trove NLA

Manufactured by Eglinton & Clarke, 93-97 Pulteny Street, Adelaide

The Rova Kent was designed and constructed by Messrs. Eglington and Clarke, two prominent members of the Motor Cycle Club. The engine is of the overhead valve type, and has two exhaust and two inlet valves. The four valves are actuated by two long, adjustable tappet rods, extending from the top o£ the cylinder to the timing case. Those tappets work the overhead rocker arms, each one of which is fitted with a compensating device which ensures each pair of valves acting in perfect unison. The cylinder head is separate from the cylinder proper.

One of the most noticeable features of this engine is the cylinder itself, which is fitted with an auxilliary exhaust port. Practically the whole of the exhaust gas is carried away through the this exhaust port, and into a long TT pattern pipe, which extends past the rear axle of the bicycle. The cylinder is also fitted with non-return valves. The tact of the exhaust gas passing through the auxiliary port means that the heat, which is inseparable from a motor engine, is greatly reduced. The two overhead valves act as scavengers to the rest of the cylinder.

The crankcase is of polished gun-metal, as is the timing case. The timing, wheels and cams are of the outside class, end the unique construction enables any desired valve setting to be secured. A chaindriven Bosch magneto is fitted, and the [] type of B and B carburetter. The machine proved itself in the hill climb, held at Golden Grove on October 5, 1912, and on this latest occasion it more than fulfilled the expectations of the designers. Trove NLA: The Journal (Adelaide, SA) Fri 14 Mar 1913

Manufactured by Eglinton & Clarke, Adelaide

Boy wanted. Eglinton & Clark, Rova Motor and and Cycle Worts, Rundle Street Kent Town

The Register (Adelaide, SA) Mon 29 Nov 1909

2 3/4 H.P. MINERVA Motor Cycle, perfect order, spares, £23 10/- Eglinton & Clark, Rundle-st., Kent Town.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA) Tue 21 Dec 1909 Trove NLA

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