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W. H. Leech of 22 Sturt Street, Ballarat, built motorcycles and sidecars under the names "Leech" and "Ballarat" from 1904 to 1917.

An auction was held of the Leech stock in June 1918.

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The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic.) Sat 28 May 1904

Mr W. H. Leech, of Sturt street, motor cycle manufacturer, is a whole-souled "barracker" for the local article, and whether it be the man, the machine, or the material, the Ballarat brand is the pass-word to his esteem. While he does not profess to remember the time when Mount Warrenheip was a swamp, or when they started to excavate Lake Burrumbeet, he has been known and respected in Ballarat business circles for many years, and each client is a friend in whose hands his reputation for reliable workmanship is safe, obviating any necessity for boasting advertisement or padded paragraphs. He likes to talk motor-cycle talk, and whether you have a mount or not, his advice is freely given.

The Ballarat Courier (Vic.) Tue 22 Dec 1914

For the past 18 years Mr W. H. Leech, engine and motor expert, has been in business in and around the city of Ballarat. Thousands of cycles bearing the Leech brand have found their way to the remote parts of the State, and wherever they are being ridden there is a satisfied client to be found1. It was just 15 years ago that. Mr Leech built the first motor sidecar that was used in the State, and since that time he has continued to add to and improve them, till he can say, "I was the first in the field with a sidecar 15 years ago, and am still first.

The Leech firm some years ago purchased the business of the late Davies-Franklin firm situated at 22 Sturt street, and since their inception have turned out hundreds of machines. The Leech motor-cycle is built on the premises, by Ballarat workmen, and is one of the most popular in the State. All kinds of repair work is done, and new parts made on the shortest notice for anything required in the machinery. One of the special agencies of the Leech firm is that of Excelsior motor cycles, and best of all, it does not matter what is required, the firm guarantees satisfaction with the best workmanship and lowest possible charges in all transactions. Inspection is cordially invited, or full particulars will be mailed on application.

The Ballarat Star Sat 5 Aug 1916

On Saturday last 'Ballarat' motor cycles, built by W. H. Leech, had their first chance of proving their metal in a speed contest against other makes of motor cycle. Two of these machines started in the race, and both finished, second and third. Certainly there is no need to go to Melbourne to buy your motor cycles when we have a machine like the 'Ballarat' built in our very midst.

The Ballarat Star Sat 11 Nov 1916


An engineer and motor expert of great experience is Mr W. H. Leech, 23 Sturt Street Ballarat, (late Davies-Franklin). Motor cycles and cycles for all purposes are built on the premises by competent Ballarat workmen. Machinery of every description is repaired. All accessories are kept in stock, and on sale at reasonable prices. Mr Leech is the agent for the Excelsior motor cycles.

The Ballarat Star Thu 21 Dec 1916

The body of the man killed in a collision with a motor car was identified today as that of William Henry Leech, cycle manufacturer, of Glenhuntly road, Caulfield South. Leech was riding a motor cycle in Jasper road, Bentleigh, when the cycle and a car, driven by Mrs. Forster, of Marriage road, Bentleigh, collided.

The Herald (Melbourne, Vic.) Mon 28 Nov 1927

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