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Sovereign Motorcycles

Manufactured by Wearne and Geard, who took over the Brandwood enterprise, the Sovereign motorcycle was fitted with engines from Minerva, Moto-Reve and others.

An interesting story by a current owner who meets three great grandchildren of Geard is included in a 2018 newsletter available at the


(Late J. Brandwood and Co.)

The leading Tasmanian motor-cycle and bicycle makers of Charles and Brisbane streets, Launceston, again delighted their country patrons and the public generally with a magnificent display of the renowned "Sovereign" machines, their own build. The crowds who flocked to inspect this most attractive exhibit were unanimous in admitting that the machines were the choicest that ever graced the show-yard, and that for design, workmanship, and finish could not be surpassed.

A handsome "Sovereign" motor-cycle, 2¾ h.p., was the great magnet to all motorists at the show, who acknowledged that for design, compactness, and up-to-date ness it was simply perfection. A fact that speaks volumes is that, the firm have built and supplied six to one compared with any other motor-bicycle builder in Northern Tasmania. The variety in "Sovereign" racing machines built out of B.S.A. parts to suit the tastes of riders was pleasing to note. In ladies' machines the firm's display was simply exquisite, and was quite up to the reputation so long held by the said builders. We might mention whilst on the cycle portion of the exhibit that in road-racing machines there were in the display made fixed and free wheel machines in variety, design, and finish to suit the most fastidious. The handsome little two-seated car, whilst quite a novelty for Tasmania, was greatly admired by all. The judges very highly commended the above exhibit. What pleased the members of the firm was the close inspection that was given the exhibit, and, last but not least, the satisfactory business done.

Examiner (Launceston, Tas.) Thu 12 Oct 1905


The builders of Tasmania's best motor cycle and bicycle, "The Sovereign," have on view a splendid exhibit of their renowned motor cycles and bicycles. This firm, who have built six to one motor cycles compared to any other firm in the state, have on exhibition a magnificent specimen in a large motor cycle, built to the order of Mr. A. M. Bowman, of Cheshunt, fitted with the very latest 4¼ h.p. Minerva engine, with torpedo tank, twin coils, and up-to-date accumulators, all switches and control levers being fitted to handle-bar, whilst for compactness and finish it cannot be surpassed.

In light motor cycles the firm are showing a splendid motor cycle, built to the order of Mr. Charles Gilmour, of Somerset. This is a handsome and handy motor cycle, fitted with a 2¼ h.p. twin cylinder Moto-Reve engine, with magneto ignition, and is a marvellous climber, and capable of doing 25 miles per hour on Tasmanian roads. This motor cycle has been inspected and admired by motorists from near and far, and many have unhesitatingly stated that in light motors it has supplied a long-felt want, and should find rapid sale. In "Sovereign" bicycles the firm have a display for variety and quality that can not be surpassed...

Examiner (Launceston, Tas. Sat 11 Apr 1908

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Source: Trove NLA

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