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Spencer Motorcycles

Manufactured by David Spencer (1870-1958), Haig Street, Torwood, Brisbane. 1905-1911

Between 1905 and 1911 at least ten of these racing machines are known to have been built, two of which survive intact - a 475cc model (restored) and a 380cc machine.

"...cedar and bronze patterns for casting crankcases, flywheels, cylinders and heads, carburetors and frame lugs that survive to this day. Spencer also made from scratch his own control levers, petrol taps and oil pumps, machining and assembling the motorcycles himself."

D. Spencer on his 2 h.p. or 2¾ h.p. motorcycle is mentioned often in the motorcycle competition reports for 1907, 1908, 1909, and 1910.

There is a record of a Krown & Spencer motorcycle from July 1905. The Krown motorcycles were fitted with Minerva engines.

Spencer died in 1958. He and his wife Alice had nine children.

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