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Vee Two Motorcycles

Manufactured by Brook Henry in Perth.

Brook Henry began in the trade in his brother's workshop in New Zealand, where he worked from 1960 to 1969. He moved to Perth WA in 1976 and began fiddling with bevel-drive Ducatis. He then took up a position with Ducati in Bologna for two years, before returning to Perth where he became a Ducati dealer in Bayswater. A little later he sold the store and got serious about going faster.

He formed VEE TWO with Stuart Barrowclough, with whom he worked at the Ducati store, and with input from Ken McIntosh developed their first product, the SV-1 Alchemy frame kit which housed a Ducati bevel-drive twin in a very progressive chassis.

Proof of the pudding was their performance at Daytona. They finished in the top four in 1989 and 1992, and then in 1995 they won the 750 F1 "by miles".

2005 saw a new direction in a supercharged Harley-Davidson after Brook sold the business to ATG. The following year, in a new factory, they began another Ducati project which resulted in new models including the Super Squalo which developed over 200 horsepower. It aroused considerable interest.

Brook Henry bought Vee Two back from ATG in 2013.

In 2020 a Mike Hailwood replica was revealed. A near-perfect replica, it is endorsed by the Hailwood family. Only 12 will be built.

Vee-Two have also built the Imola Evo.

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