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Franbretta Three-Wheelers

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured by FRANCO Hnos. S.A. Cno. a Santa Rosa 151-Villa Azaláis, offices also in Cordoba.
Brothers Felipe and José Franco founded the firm in 1959 .
When production ceased at Siambretta in 1968 the tooling was sold to the Franco Brothers who built a motofurgone named the Franbretta.
A new factory was opened in 1971, and production of the Franbretta began in 1973. In 1975 an agreement was reached with Perdriel, a Renault subsidiary in Buenos Aires, to build crankcases for the Franbretta engines. The components were not delivered, and this it seems forced the discontinuation of the line around that time.
New products were released with the names Rodacamping, Rodamotos, Rodaequipaje, and Rodacargas. The Franbretta Rodacamping "Ingoscar" was a camping trailer.
In 1979 Franco Hnos became the distributor for Suzuki motorcycles in Cordoba, and for Kawasaki in 1980.
The firm became Franco SA in 1989, and was later renamed Importadora Mediterránea SA (IMSA).
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