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Schneeweiss Speedway Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Martin Schneeweiss, Motorcycle racer and designer
Vienna 3, Rasumovskygasse

Born in Vienna in 1907, Schneeweiss became a champion speedway rider who produced a number of commendable competition machines, some of which used Husqvarna components. Known as "Mr Rudge", he also used JAP and Rudge 4-valve Python engines.


Python Four Valve Head

Rudge Python 250, 350 and 500cc engines were introduced in 1931. Borgo used 4V heads in 1920.

The Schneeweiss Spezial was a 350cc OHV machine with sprung frame, development of which began in the 1930s. He also built a DKW 250cc Kompressor, and a variety of 500cc specials using engines including NSU. He was effectively unbeatable.

Career highlights

1928: Austrian national champion

1929 and 1932: Winner of the Austrian Tourist Trophy

1937: European Speedway champion.

Martin Schneeweiss was fatally injured racing in Graz on October 4th, 1947.

Motorcycles include:

  • Austro Omega 500 ccm Wien-Krieau 1934
  • Schneeweiss Special speedway 1937 250cc JAP engine
  • Schneeweiss Special speedway 1939 350cc Rudge
  • Schweisswerk Kraus 1947

Schneeweiss translates into English as "Snow White"

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Johannes.Hromadka at gmx.net
I found this foto in my archive. I shot it Winter 1979/1980 in St. Pölten
hromadka at Flickr
Where is this bike now. The foto on your page is from the same bike
Johannes Hromadka
Bisamberg, AT

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