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Linon Motorcycles

Manufactured in Ensival-les-Verviers, André and Louis Linon built motorcycles, cars, bicycles and, in 1910, an aeroplane.

They began building bicycles in 1895, and by 1897 were selling French Gautier-Wehrlé automobiles, which they later built under licence.

Motorcycles were built between 1902 and 1905 using their own single-cylinder and V-twin engines of 1¾, 2, 2½, 3 and 4½ hp and were present in competition.

After 1905 they continued to produce automobiles until the onset of war in 1914. It is estimated that between 1898 and 1914 some 2,000 vehicles left the Linon factory.

Few vehicles were built after WWI. The firm's accountant Louis Lambert took over in 1919, advertising bicycles and cars, and possibly motorcycles. A number of Linon bicycles and some cars were produced under licence to the Linon family using pre-war stocks, but mostly Lambert sold cars from Citroen and others. The factory was largely destroyed by fire in 1929, putting an end to production. Both of the Linon brothers died in 1955.

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