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Novy Motorcycles

Made in Belgium c1928 to 1964

The first machines were fitted with 78cc Le Poulain engines, and from 1930 they built motorcycles and triporteurs powered mostly by Villiers, with some of the pre-war models sporting JLO two-strokes.

After the war the factory, which had been bombed, swung into production quite quickly due in part to the stash of engines hidden from the ravages of fascism. Beginning once more with clip-on engines, the range soon encompassed Villiers models from 98c to 200cc, and in the early 1950s Gasquy 50cc engines (Le Poulain built in Belgium under licence) along with JLO and Sachs-powered mopeds. They also built a model using the excellent if short-lived JLO 250cc twin.

During this time they continued with a range of triporteurs using mostly Villiers singles. One source says that they imported the Oscar scooter from Britain in 1953, but as only two prototypes were built this does not seem likely.
Villiers and Ilo engines.

1957 Models:

  • Super 200 Villiers 200cc MK8
    1957 De Luxe 150cc and 200cc Mk8E, MK9E Villiers
    1957 Standard 150cc and 200cc
    1957 Super 250 JLO Twin

Sarcus Motorcycles

Novy produced mopeds under the name Sarcus powered by Fuchs auxiliary bicycle engines in the years between 1946 and 1964. They produced bicycles of the same name.

Novy also built triporteurs and sidecars.

Sources: Tragatsch p232, A-Z der Belgische Motoren, et al.

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Novy 1954
Original Belgium Novy bike 1954
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For 50 Years Novy made motorcycles with Villiers
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