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Akkens Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Built by Thomas & Gilbert of Smethwick, Birmingham, from 1919 to 1922. These were powered by Union 292cc two-stroke engines which had internal and external flywheels and were fitted with Ericsson or EIC ignition systems and Amac carburettors.

A Low-priced Lightweight.

The Akkens Two-stroke which will be Marketed Direct to the Public.

To produce a motor cycle for sale direct to the public is perhaps a daring undertaking considering that throughout the development of the motor cycle industry the value of the "agent" as an intermediary has been recognised by the great majority of manufacturers. Notwithstanding, Messrs. Thomas and Gilbert, of Union Street, Smethwick, consider that with manufacturing costs at present figures, there is an opening for a machine of good quality sold on the "cut price" principle direct to the user, and that there are sufficient potential buyers who prefer dealing direct to absorb their output of twenty-five motor cycles per week.

The "Akkens," as the machine is called, is built and equipped throughout in first-class style, the specifications including Druid, Brampton, or Saxon forks, Ericsson or E.I.C. magneto, Amac carburetter, Leatheries De Luxe saddle. Dunlop 26in. x 2in. studded tyres, Dunlop belt, and aluminium footboards. The engine is a 2 3/4 h.p. two-stroke having roller bearings, internal flywheels in addition to the usual external flywheel, and an adjustable pulley. The magneto is driven direct by the engine-shaft. Raised or semi-T.T. handle-bars are fitted as desired. The price has been fixed at thirty-nine guineas, at which figure undoubtedly it is a very attractive proposition.

The Motor Cycle, October 16th 1919, p424

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