Today in Motorcycle History

Alpha Motorcycles

Based in Dudley, Worcestershire, the Alpha company produced motorcycles from 1956 to 1968.

    They became involved in the competition world when they manufactured an improved crankshaft for Villiers engines, followed by a complete bottom half.

    Fred Cutler, Managing Director at the time, then designed an engine with the induction controlled by flywheel flanges.

    A twin cylinder two-stroke followed - this was a 247cc engine with rotary disc valves. The discs went between the flywheels in the middle and were fed by a single carburettor. It also had an Albion gearbox. They were initially fitted in a DMW frame and later frame of their own manufacture, using Ceriani forks.

    Although the machine was successful, only eight engines were built before the controlling company brought production to a halt.

Source: Graces Guide

N.B. Several firms use the name Alpha

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