Alpha motorcycles were produced from 1956 to 1968.
  • The company was based in Dudley, Worcestershire.
  • They became involved in the competition world when they manufactured an improved crankshaft for Villiers engines, followed by a complete bottom half.
  • Fred Cutler who was the Managing Director at the time, then designed an engine with the induction controlled by flywheel flanges.
  • A twin two-stroke was then designed. This was a 247cc engine with rotary disc valves. The discs went between the flywheels in the middle and were fed by a single carburettor. It also had an Albion gearbox. They were firstly fitted in a DMW frame and later in an Alpha frame with Ceriani forks.
  • Even though the machine was successful, only eight engines were built before the controlling company brought production to a halt.

Source: Graces Guide

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