Berkeley Microcars


Berkeley Cars Ltd of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, built front-wheel drive microcars with motorcycle-derived engines of 322cc to 692cc from 1956 and 1960. They also built miniature caravans which could be towed by a motorcycle.

Designed by Laurie Bond who formed a relationship with caravan builder Charles Panter in 1956, the first machines were powered by British Anzani 322cc two-stroke twins, followed by Excelsior 328cc twins and 492cc triples.

Then came the 3-wheel T60, which was commercially successful and produced in large numbers. It was available as a coupe or a convertible in Standard and DeLuxe, the latter with extra instrumentation and a spare tyre. The T60 had a bench seat for two at the front, and could squeeze two kiddies into the back. In 1960 they released the T60/4 with four separate seats.

Production ceased in December 1960, and shortly thereafter the company ceased trading.
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