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Bond Aircraft and Engineering Co

BAC were motorcycles produced from 1951 to 1953.

The Bond manufacturing company passed to Ellis of Leeds, and became the Bond Aircraft and Engineering Co, or BAC.

  • 1951 A small but conventionally designed machine, called the Lilliput, reached the market. It was powered by either a 99cc Villiers1F engine with a two-speed gearbox, or a 125cc JAP two-stroke with three speeds.
  • 1952 Unreliable supplies of the JAP engine meant that only the smaller Villiers model was listed. This was joined by the Gazelle scooter with small wheels and a platform behind a front shield. It had a steel-barred grill around its 122cc Villiers10D engine.
  • 1953 Only the Gazelle was listed with a choice of 1F or 10D engine. The model was taken over by Projects and Developments of Blackburn, but the name soon disappeared.

Source: Graces Guide

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