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Blackborough was a motorcycle produced in 1919.

This machine was built in a garage by F. Douch of Reigate, Surrey. One of the many short-lived makes that appeared after World War I, it was a simple machine fitted with many cycle parts. It had a 269cc two-stroke Metro-Tyler engine with a chain driven two-speed gearbox from the same supplier.

Source: Graces Guide

mick.t.m at
Blackborough 1919
Dear Sheldons i noticed after browsing your website the listing for Blackborough motorcycles of Reigate, i have always been interested in bikes and knew of this make as i lived in Reigate for many years. To my suprise this bike appeared in a local general auction approx 25 years ago, I must have it. I know of some of its history and have foto of original owner etc, it was a special build as the purchaser was quite small in stature having a low saddle height and smaller wheels. I have ridden this bike but now in storage, if you are interested in more history and better fotos please feel free to contact me.
Regards Mick.
Ps there were very few built by this garage and this is believed to be the only genuine example.
mick marshal ....
West sussex

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