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Burney Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

According to Tragatsch, these external flywheel 497cc sidevalve machines were designed by Cecil B Burney, formerly of Blackburne. Burney also built several examples of a 679cc sidevalve V-twin. Captain Baldwin, a well known rider of the day, had a financial interest in the company.

From Graces Guide:

Burney Motor Cycles at Tillingbourne Works, Shalford, nr Guildford

Burney were motorcycles produced from 1923 to 1927; firstly at the John Warrick works in Reading, Berkshire, followed by Twyford and finally from Shalford.

The design came from Edward Alexander Burney who had designed the original Blackburne engine before World War I and the four-stroke Wrexham-built Powell machines post-war.

1923 By now Burney was in partnership with Captain Oliver M. Baldwin who was a great success at Brooklands. A new machine was produced with a 495cc sv single cylinder engine with outside flywheel, and a three-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox with all-chain drive. The machine was neatly assembled to provide a solo with sporting appearance.

1924 With a few alterations, the single continued to be produced. Centre-spring replaced the Druid forks and a more comfortable spring-top saddle was fitted. Manufacture was on a small scale and the quality of finish was very high. This meant that it was expensive compared with a similarly sized BSA and sales were limited.

1925 Production had ceased.

1926 A stylish new machine was announced. This had a V-twin 680cc sv JAP engine. Sporting in appearance, this new Burney had Brampton forks, girder frame construction, eight-inch front and rear Enfield brakes and 'twistgrip' control for both ignition and the Binks carburettor.

1927 Although the machine was listed that year and was of fashionable design, it was not sufficiently successful to allow such a small company to continue.

Sources: Graces Guide, Tragatsch

Thu Apr 13 2006
steerpikeuk at
Burney Brothers

I have read on a couple of websites that the Burney brothers set up their own company in the mid 1920's. The company only lasted a couple of years, so do you know if they produced any motorcycles, and if they did, if any still exist.